Celtics Pick Aaron Nesmith With Their First Pick

Just a few minutes ago, Danny Ainge and the Celtics drafted Vanderbilt forward/guard, Aaron Nesmith, with the 14th pick!

Honestly, this is a solid pick.  The Celtics lacked shooting and more specifically bench shooting.  Now, if Nesmith proves himself in camp and Brad Stevens decides to throw him into the rotation immediately this could be a huge help.  At Vandy, Nesmith shot a great 53% from three and averaged 23 ppg as a sophomore.

Not to mention, this kid has improved a lot in just one year.  As a freshman he shot 39% from the field and only 34% from three.  But both of those stats improved in his sophomore year.  Like I said, if he can prove himself in camp and continue to be this solid shooter then this can be some immediate help to a team that is so close to reaching a Finals.

The Celtics do have two more picks left in the first, 26 and 30.  Not sure what talent will be available left for them but if they end up trading these for a solid back-up point guard who can score or even a solid back-up guard in general that would help them.  I know the need is for a back-up point guard but I think Wanamaker fits that role nicely and if we are losing Hayward at some point then maybe think about a replacement?  Not sure.  But, if they do decide to trade these other two picks then I am happy and fine with Nesmith!

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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