Celtics Look To Take A 2-0 Lead Over The Wizards

Tonight the Celtics look to take a 2-0 lead on the Wizards. I actually think the Celtics will win this game because the Wizards have shown all year that they are terrible away from home. They have also showed this in their first playoff series against the Hawks. I was surprised that the C’s were able to hold their own against a much bigger Wizards lineup even after starting off down 16-0. Once again Horford came up big in Sunday’s game. If he keeps playing like this, then the Celtics may have a shot at reaching the Finals. I am serious about that statement. If Horford can really help out Isaiah with the scoring load and grab boards, then the Celtics are tough to beet. The bench seems to also be playing much better ( Smart, Olynyk). However, it is going to take a little bit more than two bench players doing well to move on to the next round and then possibly take down the Cavs. For the remainder of this series I want to see Amir Johnson have a few decent games. He has been absolutely terrible so far in the playoffs. I also want to see Jerebko hit a couple of shots when he comes in. I know he will not get much playing time, but he needs to start capitalizing on the time that he gets.

At some point in this series the Wizards will start realizing that they need to attack IT. IT has been starting off on each team’s starting pg, but then Stevens sticks him in the corner. IT kind of just picks up who ever goes in his area instead of playing a particular man. If the Wizards were smart they should just try to get IT in early foul trouble. For the most part Smart and Bradley did a beautiful job on defending Wall. If the C’s can limit Wall from making big plays then they have this series in the bag.

What we saw Sunday afternoon was a very good sign. The Celtics are came out cold and then finished red hot. This first win was crucial, and they are going to need to win this series in 5 games so they can rest up for what comes next… LeBron James. Last night the Cavaliers absolutely took advantage of the Raptors by a score of 116-105. Their big three (Love, LeBron, Irving) looked like the stars they are, and even Thompson had a double double. I do not see this series going past 5 games.

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