Celtics, Knicks, or Lakers? Who Has The Best Deal For Anthony Davis?

The NBA rumor season is upon us and it centers all around Anthony Davis. After the Pelicans won the lottery, they appear to hold the cards with Zion Williamson in their back pocket. Now with the plan to build around Zion, what can the Pelicans get for Davis? There are 3 teams ahead of the pack and they are the Celtics, Knicks, and Lakers. Here’s what each team can offer, starting with Boston.

1. Jayson Tatum

2. Jaylen Brown

3. Memphis’ 2020 1st Round Pick (1-6 Protection)

4. 2019 14th, 20th, & 22nd Picks

5. Marcus Smart

Despite having a bit of a dip in his sophomore season, Jayson Tatum is the most coveted prospect in the entire NBA. He’s 21 years old and has MVP level potential. Same goes for Brown as he’s not as gifted offensively but is better on defense. But what is holding Boston back are their draft picks. They aren’t as good as they’d hoped for and that means they would have to give up both Tatum and Brown.

Next up are the New York Knicks who fell from 1st to 3rd in the NBA Draft Lottery.

1. 2019 3rd Pick (RJ Barrett)

2. Dennis Smith Jr.

3. Dallas’ 2021 & 2023 1st Round Picks (Unprotected)

4. Kevin Knox

5. Mitchell Robinson

Despite not landing Zion, the Knicks got in the top 3 which is huge. There is a big drop from 3 to 4 according to many NBA scouts. As many know, RJ Barrett is expected to go 3rd and is very close with Duke teammate Zion Williamson. Bringing him in along with Zion could make it an easier transition for the two of them entering the league. Dennis Smith Jr., Kevin Knox, and Mitchell Robinson are all nice prospects as well. But the huge variable are those unprotected Dallas picks. What if Luka and KP get hurt and those picks wind up in the top 10?

Finally we have the Lakers. The team that Gayle Benson (Pelicans’ Owner) said that Davis would go to “over her dead body”. Gangster. But nevertheless, they do have some pieces.

1. 4th Pick (DeAndre Hunter or Darius Garland)

2. Brandon Ingram

3. Kyle Kuzma

4. Lonzo Ball

5. Josh Hart

I would have normally put Brandon Ingram as their best asset. But the reality is, GMs are worried about Ingram’s blood clot. It’s not supposed to be as serious as Chris Bosh’s were, but you can’t help to compare them. The 4th pick still has value despite not being in the top 3 and Kuzma & Ball are young players with upside. Out of these 3 teams, the Lakers need Anthony Davis the most. So they’re the most likely to give the Pelicans a “Godfather Offer”.

So what works best for the Pelicans because they are in charge. Like I said earlier, the Lakers are the most likely to offer a “Godfather Offer”.

But the Pelicans don’t want to ship Davis to a Western Conference team especially the Lakers. That means it comes down to the Celtics or the Knicks.

While the Celtics have the better assets, the franchise is in a bit of flux due to Kyrie Irving’s free agency. If the rumors are true, the Knicks may already have Kevin Durant in their back pocket.

If that’s true, then the Knicks would trade all of their assets to pair those 2 together. It makes sense for the Pelicans to re-team Zion and Barrett together to give them a fresh phase for the team. So put your money on the Knicks, for better or for worse.

Steve Santoro (SVS_1993)

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