Celtics Fans Need To Be Happy

With the news of Kyrie Irving being out for the remainder of the season/playoffs, most Celtic fans are now dissapionted. Is this season really a waste? Irving could have taken this Celtics team that was without Hayward, to the Finals. However, there’s a silver lining here. This is all going to make next years season much better.

All of these younger Celtics players, (Tatum and Brown in particular) are getting valuable minutes. This will be Tatum’s first ever playoff experience and Browns second. These two will be taking most of the shots and really carry this Celtics team. It doesn’t matter how deep of a run the Celtics can make in the playoffs. All I want to see is players improve and gain experience.  

So Celtics fans, be happy! We were able to see so many hard fought and entertaining games. We saw Tatum start to evolve into a Hall Of Fame player. What we saw this season, was just a glimpse of what’s to come in 2018/2019. If Hayward and Irving can come back healthy, this Celtics team is going to be scary good. Both are disappointed that they are not going to have a chance and win a championship this year. This will only add fuel to their already burning desire to win it all. You will have Tatum, who was pushed into a starting role this year after Haywards injury. This kid is turning heads and everyone is excited to see what he’s capable of once he fully develops. Brown and Smart will continue to be hustlers and do what they do best. As you can see, next years team is going to be magical. Before this season, I wrote that the Celtics would be in the 2019 NBA Finals. I am 100% sticking by that statement. 

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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