Celtics Are Soaring

Just when everyone was in full out panic mode over the Celtics, the team rattles off six wins in a row. This team just figures out what works and they seem to have fun doing it. You have to give this team a lot of credit for developing their young players and at the same time winning games against tough teams. I know that I may be hard on this team sometimes, but I am just telling the truth about this team.

The C’s are still very inconsistent with their offense, and they struggle when Irving does not score a bunch of points. But it is still very early in the season, so the Celtics still have loads of time to figure this out. People are starting to realize how good Jayson Tatum is right now. This kid is just 19 years old and he is making big time plays. It does not hurt that he was drafted to a team where he has solid players around him to help it out. If the Celtics do not make any trades before the Playoffs, then I like their chances of getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. After that, then it could be a very close series depending on who their opponent would be.

However, I am still waiting for the Celtics to make a big move. If they want a chance at taking down the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals or the Warriors in the Finals, they are going to need a big man. The Cavaliers are struggling at the center position and the Warriors do not really have a true Center that can contribute. You can say that the Warriors are the weakest at that position.

If by any chance the C’s can make the trade of the decade and land Anthony Davis, then they will win the championship. Yes I realize how good Curry and Durant are, but they do not have a center that can compete with Davis. If you are Danny Ainge, then you have realize this and make a move. Obviously it is a lot harder than I am making it seem to be, but the Celtics desperately need a big man that can score and defend the rim.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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