Celtics Are Making All The Right Moves

Love the Hayward deal, but the Celtics need to do more if they want to win a championship. The Celtics are still without that big post presence that will solidify the paint. Marc Gasol would solve all the problems for Boston.  A 7 footer that can play defense AND knock down free throws… what more could you ask for? Apparently the Celtics are looking to trade for the big man after signing Gordon Hayward earlier this week. IF the C’s can get this trade done, then they are going to the finals.

Big Al would most likely start the game, but having Marc Gasol coming off of the bench would be HUGE. Having that 7 footer to disturb LeBron while he drives to the post is key to taking down the Cavaliers. Things are looking up for the Celtics right now and every move they make brings them one step closer to winning a championship. Yes the Warriors have the best team, but it only takes one player to get injured. I hate to say that, but if Curry, Durant, or even Green gets injured then the Warriors are a beatable team. The Celtics are just trying to put together the best team they possibly can and hope for the best.

Do not be surprised if the Celtics start giving up pieces for a big man, because they are real need of one. They have the PG, SG, SF, and PF positions figured out, now all they need is that Center that will put them over the top.

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Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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