Cavaliers In 7?

Do the Cavaliers have what it takes to actually come back and win this series?  I am not saying that the Cavs will come back, but they do have the tools to do it. Writing this may have been a waste of time especially if the Warriors close it out tonight, but it is fun to speculate. LeBron is still the best overall player in the world. Plus Irving and Love can stay hot for another three games.

I have no clue why the Cavaliers did not guard Cury in games 1-3 like they did in game 4?! The Cavaliers obviously had a ton of success last year by putting a man on Curry as soon as he passes half court. Take Curry out of his element and he gets thrown off of his game. You are taking a risk by doing that now since Durant is on the team, but the Cavaliers have to take their chances. Durant is going to get his points anyways, so why not put more attention on Curry? If Curry has a bad game, the Warriors lose. It is that plain and simple.

The Warriors are going to try and put it all out there tonight so they can win the Championship on their court. If the Cavs do end up winning this game, then that will take a lot of energy out of the Warriors. All I am saying is watch out if the Cavaliers win game 5… They will have all of the confidence in the world and it will be leaving the Warriors feeling all of the pressure. Right now the Cavs have absolutely nothing to lose.. They are going to play dirty and try anything to get to a game 6. The Warriors absolutely have to be feeling the pressure based off what happened to them last year.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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