Carmelo Anthony’s New York Nightmare is Finally Over

You can officially close the books on the NBA offseason, we’ve seen it all. The nightmare that was Melo’s Knicks career is officially over, as he will be heading to Oklahoma City to play with Russell Westbrook and Paul George. It was only a matter of time before this happened.

When the list of teams Melo added to his list came out yesterday and I saw OKC on there, I had a weird feeling it would be where he ended up. Sam Presti is a trade guru and the Knicks are inept, so it only makes sense that he would try to steal Melo for basically nothing. And out of all of the possible landing spots for Melo, Oklahoma City is the one that made the most sense for a few of reasons.

For starters, Enes Kanter was making way too much money. They had to get that contract off the books if they wanted to add anyone of significance to try and compete with Golden State. Melo isn’t the scorer he used to be, but he is still very capable of going out there and putting up 20 points a night. That’s not something Kanter would ever be able to do, and with Steven Adams there, having Kanter never really made sense to begin with.

Another reason I feel this is the best landing spot for Melo is that OKC gives him the best chance to win games without being leaned on so heavily. With Westbrook and George, Melo is absolutely the third option in that offense. Anywhere else he would have been the second or even first option, and I’m not too sure that’s something he can do anymore. He’s still a great player, but this isn’t 2010. Melo’s days of being a team’s number one scoring option are behind him.

Overall, I like this trade, but not for the Knicks. They held out way too long on this and ended up getting a garbage return. But that’s the Knicks for you.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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