Carlos Gomez Hit A Walk-Off And Lost His Mind, Baseball Purists Need To Let This Stuff Happen

There is not a thing in sports that I think I love more than a guy who shows passion and celebrates like a madman after he does something huge and game changing. Out of every other sport, and I’ll even include soccer in there what’s up baby. But in every other sport, we legitimately have guys celebrating their asses off after every goal or after a clutch shot in the game.

Nobody bats an eye. That’s what they’re supposed to do. We literally had fans rattled that the NFL wasn’t allowing Antonio Brown to impregnate the air after scoring a TD. Two humps, you’re good. After three humps we’re talking yellow flags flying. And guess what? The rule got changed! Incredible. But I’m being serious when I say that celebrating and showing emotion are glorified and sought after in every other sport… And then we get to old ass baseball.

And listen, I say that with all of the love in my heart. I do. Baseball in my humble opinion is easily the greatest sport in the world. Put me at that table in that meme and change my mind. You won’t. But it needs some spice. It needs some pizazz and I think the MLB itself is starting to understand that. They’re trying to speed up the game which is great. Get me that God damn pitch clock. And they’re at least trying to direct their marketing campaign at a younger generation. I mean, who wasn’t jacked up about Player’s Weekend last year? Nicknames on THEIR actual jerseys? Wow.

But no legitimately, another problem with baseball – besides the fact that their marketing department might be actually controlled by infants who can’t speak yet because they do nothing – is that these baseball purists try to hold the game back to what it was back in like the 50s. And I’ll admit it, I used to be like that back in my ripe old age of 20. “Ehhhhh don’t change the rules. Ehhhhh you can’t prevent these guys from stepping out of the box between pitches. What is this? Dictator rule under Putin?” But now that I’m older and have actual things to do in my life, I need this game to speed up AND I need it to get more exciting. With the internet and cute ass dog videos, I have plenty in my life to entertain me that baseball, if it doesn’t start getting firey, well it loses my attention quick.

And that’s why we need more of what Gomez did on his walk-off today. And we need to ignore all of these baseball purists and shove them into a closet. One closet where they can all talk to each other and discuss how much of a gem Bill “Spaceman” Lee was. And how Teddy Ballgame fought for his country, unlike these dang millennials who are destroying it.

If this game is going to attract the younger generations to a phenomenal sport, we seriously need more of this. I mean, why are we trying to hold it back? Let it breathe baby. We need to let things evolve. Listen, if we didn’t let things evolve we’d still be peeling bananas with our feet and firing our poo at each other. Could I even type this? Actually, if we fired our feces at people, meetings at work would be the best part of the day.

Wrapping this puppy up, next time you hear a guy complain about someone showing emotion after a dinger or a strikeout, grab the nearest full fish next to you and smack him around with it. And if it’s a girl, do the same.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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