Carabao Cup: Manchester United vs. Everton Match Coming Up!

We are less than 24 hours or so away from the Carabao Cup Quarter finals and we have a hot match coming!

The match coming up between Manchester United and Everton is one to watch! Everton comes into this match with so much improvement year-over-year. Meanwhile, United has to continue to prove who they are these days.

So let’s get the scoop on each team. What has changed in one year and what we could expect from each team in this matchup. Shall we?

Everton FC

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Last year, the Toffees needed a desperate change of scenery from the Marco Silva management. So, the Toffees decided it was time to setup the future for the team and went after the services of a phenomenal coach in Carlo Ancelotti.

For starters, Ancelotti is honestly one of my favorite coaches of all time. The way Ancelotti sees the game and his unique vision for creativity but drive for a strong defensive game is brilliant. Ancelotti came into Goodison Park knowing very well the team needed a major uplift.

Now fast-forward a year from his coming to Goodison Park. Ancelotti has Everton now looking like the Premier League’s possible best club of the year! Carlo during the break brought phenomenal signings in Allan, Abdoulaye Doucoure and reunited for a third time with Colombian midfielder, James Rodriguez.

Now being part of the Carabao Cup and going up against United, the stakes are high! While many would think United could dominate Everton in this match, I think otherwise.

A year of so much change and greatness happening at this club, the Carabao Cup brings an opportunity for a deserving trophy run for Everton. Therefore, I think we could see the best version of Everton tomorrow even if they are without their creative piece, James Rodriguez. Ancelotti has managed to make an incredible talented team, and this would be that perfect reward to come.

Manchester United

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As a United fan, there has been a good amount of change coming to United. However, I think there needs to be a lot more to come for a suitable future to a team that needs it.

United brought in last year the main factor of who they are today in Bruno Fernandes thru a sensational transfer move. As the year has gone by, additions to the team like Donny Van De Beek and Edison Cavani have contributed to this team in a way.

Now, you look towards the direction of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and wonder few things. For starters, some of the inconsistencies that United currently faces come from game-time decisions by OGS. If you look past that, some questioning choices also come across. In example, you wonder why bring Donny Van De Beek if you are just going to keep him benched basically. One also looks at players like Jesse Lingard and Odion Inghalo and wonder why they haven’t been traded to another team. Better yet, you even wonder why he bring Dean Henderson back if you won’t give him the starting role over David De Gea.

As you can see, lots to wonder about this United side. Although, you wonder if this cup may also be important to them or if Premier League is far more important. Personally, I would go all in on Premier League glory considering how long it has been and the fact that we got knocked out of Champions League competition. Oh yeah! Don’t get me going on Champions League, a problem we caused ourselves! In all seriousness though, winning the Carabao Cup for United feels more of like a mediocre way of reaching a happy medium. Expect United to come tomorrow showing a poor lineup including Lingard in there.

Game Prediction!

I can’t expect much out of a Manchester United side that has yet to figure out their own game to be honest. Personally, I truly want this victory to go to Everton.

Ancelotti’s story at Everton is one that deserves a lot of growth and excitement. Having the Carabao Cup as something to look to is everything you need for a locker room of talent and glory to come.

My score prediction is Everton 2-0 in this match.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

Diego Galvis

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