Can You Really Blame Darius Bazley For Going to the G-League?

To start this off, I hate Syracuse University, I hate Jim Boeheim, and I hate New York.

But putting my bias aside, you can’t blame Darius Bazley for de-committing from Cuse to go pro AT ALL. This might trigger some people, but the NCAA has exploited its athletes for years now. Bazley, being ranked #9 in his freshman class, certainly would have caught a lot of that exploitation. So can you really be mad that one kid was smart enough to do what is best for his future? Hell no. In fact, being the first top prospect to do what he’s doing, people should be praising him. It takes some serious cajones to start a trend like this.

Bazley won’t be able to make more than $26,000 a year on his G-League salary according to ESPN (not including potential sponsorships). So while it might not be the most money in the world, it’s more than what he’d be making in college. And by doing this, he’ll be playing against actual NBA players, as opposed to some of the bums that are floating around college hoops right now. Not to say the G-League doesn’t have its fair share of bums, but still. I think this will only help speed up his development process, which makes this seem like an even smarter move to me.

Not to mention, Jim Boeheim is literally the biggest a-hole ever. I would never want to play for that guy. Does anyone remember what he said about Tyler Roberson a few years ago? If not, it went like this. Roberson had been having a tough stretch of games a few years back. Boeheim was asked about his poor performance, to which he said “If I had anyone else he wouldn’t play a minute. You watched the game, I’m not going to describe what he did out there to you.” I mean, I get he may have been trying to light a fire under Roberson, but what a dick, right?

To make it simple, here’s my message to butthurt Syracuse fans: Your school sucks, your basketball team is overrated, and Jim Boeheim is a jerk. Get over yourselves and let this kid pursue his pro career.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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