Can We Trust The Red Sox?

Man, there is nothing like October: The Football Season is heating up, Pumpkin Muffins, Shipyards with the Sugar Rim, I get to throw a sweater on to hide how thicc I’ve been getting and more importantly the Major League Baseball Playoffs.

The Sox are coming off a historic 108 win regular season highlighted by ridiculous seasons by Mookie Betts and JD Martinez. Betts will most likely take home the MVP but in my opinion it should be Martinez. The impact Martinez has offered in the lineup and clubhouse has been incredible. Xander Bogaerts’ numbers skyrocketed over this past season and I truly think JD’s knowledge and presence is the catalyst. As long as a Sox takes home the shrine, I’m cool with it. I will never forget when Mookie got fucked by Trout in 2016. Here’s a live look at sabermetric analysts when they hear “Mike Trout”


This season marks the third consecutive American League East title for our beloved Red Sox. What do the Red Sox have to show for that? A combined 1-6 record and two first round exits against Cleveland and Houston.

mlbf_1205155183_th_45Josh Reddick

It’s a Day Yes it is!


Unlike the previous two seasons, The Sox will enter The American League Divisional Series with home field advantage. THANK GOD. The Sox have not won a road playoff game since 2013… Granted there was a huge gap between appearances but damn.

The Yankees Win

Writing that header made me puke a little bit, either that or the fish tacos I devoured for dinner yesterday. Last night The Oakland Athletics traveled to the Bronx to take on the bombers in the one game elimination Wild Card Game. This game was never in question, Judge slammed a two run shot in the first inning and the Yankees never looked back. The final was 7-2.



For the first time since 2004: The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will meet in the Post Season. What happened in 04? I really can’t remember. Ohhhhh The Yankees blew a 3-0 lead and the Sox won the World Series. That’s it. A Sox- Yankees series is soooo good for baseball, damn shame this can only go five games at most. I’m not going to Lie I would have much rather played Oakland.

About the Yankees

The Yanks present a lineup packed with power. Judge, Stanton, Hicks, Voit, Didi, Andujar, Hicks and Sanchez is just rude. New York broke the all time HR record for a season with 265 yabos this year. While NY has a real good rotation on paper (Severino, Tanaka, Happ, Gray and CC) their pitching has been very inconsistent. With Severino tossing last night, Boston probably won’t see the flamethrower until game 3. My guess is the Sox see Happ game one. Since being acquired before the Deadline Happ has been ridiculous (7-0 2.69 era). Happ has been coined “The Red Sox killer” can he continue his success?


Can The Sox do it?

Despite having an incredible season, the question on everyone’s mind has been:”Can they do it in October?” Well it’s time to nut up or shut up. I’m not worried about the Bats this year, even though that has been the problem in previous post seasons. This team will only go as far as it’s pitching will go. Chris Sale, David Price and Rick Porcello are slated to start the first three games in the divisional series. All three pitchers had masterful regular seasons but man have these guys sucked in Post Season. Chris Sale:0-2, 8.38 ERA, David Price: 2-8, 5.03 ERA, Rick Porcello 0-3, 5.47 ERA. A combined 2-13 record from your three aces in the post season is not a great feeling.

This year will be different. Chris Sale has been babied the entire second half for this moment, many are worried about his velocity I guarantee he slings it Friday. Price is coming off an amazing second half and has so much to prove. Pretty Ricky is coming off another solid year (17 wins). The starting pitching will be just fine, my biggest concern? The bullpen. Man, Joe Kelly has been fucking terrible and Cora just keeps pitching him. The Sox truly have lacked a solid middle reliever and or setup guy this season. I expect Eddy Rodriguez  and Slim Thick Steve Wright to get a lot of work in this series. That’s the beauty of the Post Season, you can have a starter come outta the pen in the 5th a no one blinks a damn eye. Just get Kimbrel the damn ball!

I am definitely a little nervous about this series but I truly believe home field, this offense and the starters can handle the Yankees. GO SOX!

Tom Wall (@TheGreatWall25)

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