Can We Talk About That Game…?


Okay, so this is going to be a profanity-laced blog, so for anyone who’s faint of reading, I suggest you navigate elsewhere. I already got my page click and that’s really all I’m looking for out of this. I’m sure I’ll write something more in-depth about this tomorrow or something (about last night’s game, as well as tonight’s game) but I’d be remiss if I didn’t shoot from the hip on this one.

So yeah, I sat on the couch at my buddy’s place and watched baseball for SEVEN HOURS last night. That’s NOT what you want. Around 6:30 PM yesterday, we were discussing if we should hit a bar but we resolved to just watch the game in the comfort of his place—right move. I can’t imagine the people who watched this downtown or something, only to get kicked out during a tie game around 1 AM and scramble to the nearest television to catch the end… 2.5 hours later.

One quick thing before I get into things too much. Point blank: this chick needs to DIE in a car fire right now…

I don’t care how it happens, but this woman needs to meet the Reaper in swift fashion. The entire game, this chick was prancing around imitating monkeys (or something, I don’t know) and awkwardly gyrating her hips like she was convulsing at a John Mayer concert. Need someone in our armed forces to take her out before Game 4. Can’t have this on my television screen while I’m trying to enjoy the longest game in World Series history.

Okay, so back to the actual game…

I’ve always hated this new trend of over-managing that occurs in the playoffs. I understand you need to adapt for lefties, ballpark dimensions, and defensive shifts but can we just agree that—when it really comes down to it—baseball is still baseball?

Outside of a missed spot that resulted in a solo jack, Porcello was ROLLING. He got yanked around 70 pitches and my jaw hit the God damn floor. Why, you ask? Well because Porcello was due up the next inning and we just couldn’t risk having a guy who hit 3/7 over the season take another crack at the dish. At the time, it wasn’t the worst decision of all time but looking back, Nathan Eovaldi had three plate appearances before I went to bed—THREE.

The JBJ homerun was incredible. One of the big controversies going into the game was that Martinez got shipped to left field so we could preserve Bradley’s defense in center over Benny’s wood. In the end, I guess you could say it worked out but at what cost? You have to wonder if things could’ve been different with a bat like that in the game from the jump. Benny saw one plate appearance, and in a 3-2 game that went 18 innings, you’d be an idiot not to scratch your head a little.

Bogaerts and Mookie were just atrocious. I think they went something like 0-50 last night and I just don’t want to talk about it…

Nunez was essentially the only bright spot outside of JBJ’s at-bat from an offensive standpoint. He also made a pretty good grab at first glance following the Sox taking the lead in the 13th. One second glance though, what the FUCK are you doing dude? Rewatch that play in slow motion and try to convince me needed to fall into the stands on that one… you can’t. That ball’s a difficult, but still a routine fly ball and Nunez turns his back to carry himself into the stands on some Derek Jeter-type bullshit. Just catch the fucking ball like an adult; if you do, that runner doesn’t advance and I salvage 2 hours of sleep. Not to mention he was flopping and faking injuries like Neymar out there. So frustrating.

Not talking about Kinsler right now. I understand he slipped but dear God, just eat that infield single. No reason you should be heaving that ball 50 yards to the right of first base there. Mookie would’ve made that play at second…

Last but not least because I’m crunched for time: Eovaldi has some fucking ROCKS on him. That guy’s been nails all postseason and even after getting the loss, he has my World Series MVP vote so far. If they win that game, his performance goes down in the pantheon of all-time great postseason performances in Red Sox history. I may be overreacting (because I am) but I would’ve put that right up there with the “Bloody Sock” game. To come into a game with no notice like that around midnight and throw absolute ROCKETS for 7 innings is something that will immediately ingratiate yourself to this fanbase and I just feel bad our bats couldn’t lift him up. Damn shame.

We’re onto Game 4…


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-Joey Boats (@joey_boats)

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