Can We STOP With The Antonio Brown-Patriots Talk PLEASE?

Another day, another story about Antonio Brown coming out. We’ve had to hear a lot of stories about Antonio Brown this off-season. There was the drama with Ben Roethlisberger that ultimately led to A.B. being traded to the Raiders. There was the issue with the helmets. Now, we have Antonio Brown fighting with GM Mike Mayock over fines.

With all of this information out, people are rumbling that Brown could ultimately end up a New England Patriot. Um…CAN WE PLEASE STOP THAT?!?!?!

Antonio Brown will not become a Patriot at any point in the near future. The Patriots won’t want to deal with all of the nonsense that comes with the star wide receiver. He is very active on social media clearly, which isn’t the best look. He opens his mouth way too much. Why the Patriots would attempt to make a move for a troublemaker like Brown is beyond me!

The Randy Moss Comparison

People might defend this by saying, “It would be Randy Moss 2.0!” No! Stop it! Moss was not nearly as bad as Brown has been over the last few months. Randy Moss was also great as a Patriot, both on and off the field. He caught a bad break when bringing up his contract situation. Other than that, he was more than ideal for the Patriots offense, alongside Tom Brady. There is something going on with Antonio Brown, and I don’t want him anywhere near the Patriots to find out what that something could be!

In Conclusion

Brown won’t be a Patriot anytime soon and people should stop talking the possibility into existence. The wide receiver even came out and apologized this afternoon to his teammates.

Let the Raiders deal with that problem. The Patriots have enough to worry about with getting ready for opening night Sunday against Brown’s former team, the Steelers. The Patriot way isn’t for everyone, and Antonio Brown would struggle mightily in New England. Get me to Sunday already!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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