Can The Cavs Climb Back To The Top?

Will the Cavaliers ever pull their season together? This is the question that NBA fans have been asking as the Cavaliers are just 5-6 to start the season. LeBron can only do so much, and he seems to be missing his sidekick (Irving) this season. LeBron is averaging 28 points, 9 assists, and 7 rebounds, which are crazy numbers. However, his teammates have not been helping him. With most of the Cavaliers roster being above the age of 27 it is easy to see that some players are not able to hang with LeBron. Korver had an amazing MVP caliber season a few years ago, but now.. Well he is a very inconsistent three point shooter.

I thought D-Wade and LeBron would have hit it off right away. The duo practiced together all off-season and have champion experience with each other, but Wade just looks old. He is not as quick, agile, and just does not have the same shot he did when he was in Miami. Up until this season, Wade was still averaging 18-25 points a game. Now Wade is struggling to score more than 10 points per game. He is only averaging 22 mins per game, but he needs to step up his game if LeBron plans on going back to the Finals. Talk about a bust, Jae Crowder has just looked pathetic so far this season for the Cavaliers. Yes he is still a solid player on defense, but he can not score to save his life. I believe that he will up his numbers as the season continues, but for right now I am happy the Celtics got rid of him.

The only player besides LeBron that I actually like on the Cavaliers is Kevin Love. The dude is still showing that he can score and play a little defense. Love is shooting 45% from the field which is very good, and is going through one of his prime years (29 years old). The one thing that is killing LeBron right now is that he has no big man and no point guard. Thompson has been out with an injury and IT has not played yet this season. IF both players can come back healthy then this Cavaliers team will be a lot better. LeBron will not have to worry about handling the ball, and he will have a pg that can actually score/create his own shot off the dribble. Thompson will also help on the defensive side of the ball as well as grabbing boards on the offensive glass. So if you are a Cavs fan, just be patient. 

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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