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Can Anyone Beat Gonzaga?

It is no surprise that Gonzaga has one of the best basketball programs in the country year in and year out.  But this year, Gonzaga might be in a league of their own.  Out of all the teams Mark Few has had, this one might be the best one yet.  So, when March comes around are you taking Gonzaga or the field?

So far, Gonzaga is 9-0 and has four very quality wins against Kansas, West Virginia, Iowa, and Virginia.  Now, I haven’t watched many Gonzaga games except these four and man this offense is incredible and will go down as one of the best ever.  They are averaging 96.2ppg which is just absurd.  That’s 48.1 points a half, and I am not sure there is a defense in the country that can stop them.  I thought Virginia could put some pressure on them but nope.  I picked Iowa to beat them but nope.  Mark Few really has the best team by far.

The cool thing about Gonzaga is that you literally can’t hate them.  They aren’t scummy like Duke or Kentucky but are loved like Jay Wright and Villanova.  They really are an awesome team to root for because they always feel like the underdog but that might not be the case anymore.  Gonzaga has always been good but this year they are great.  They are lead by freshman guard Jalen Suggs and senior forward Corey Kispert, and like I have mentioned before they are lead by a great coach in Mark Few.

So, when March comes along are you taking Gonzaga or the field?  Even though we are only 10 games into the year, I do have a few teams who I like in March.  I love Villanova as my outright pick to win it, behind them I think Iowa is still strong but losing handily to Gonzaga hurts the confidence, and finally I like West Virginia.  I think Bob Huggins is due to make a Final Four run and this might be his best shot in a while.  But unfortunately out of those three teams I mentioned, Gonzaga has already beaten two of them!  And I’m not sure if Villanova’s offense or defense can keep up with Gonzaga.

I would love to see how March plays out and who this Gonzaga team has to get through.  For some reason they do give off Wichita State vibes when they had FVV and Ron Baker, who got upset by Kentucky.  Not saying this would happen but it feels very similar.  Regardless, this Gonzaga already has four extremely good wins and isn’t looking to stop there.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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