Cam Newton leaves OTAs today with a hand injury

We have Patriots OTA’s underway and we already have a bit of a minor issue. Cam Newton supposedly left practice today due to having a hand injury. The injury occurred after a drill where Patriots quarterbacks were working on avoiding pressure with coaches helping out. So with Cam leaving practice today with a hand injury, what does this mean for the Patriots in the short term? Let’s examine.

With Cam Leaving with a Hand Injury…Jarrett Stidham Got More Reps

So with Cam out of practice for a good portion today, this gave Jarrett Stidham more reps in practice. Stidham has been working hard this off-season with Patriots players such as Hunter Henry and Kendrick Bourne. With this in mind, some people even thought Stidham looked the best today out of the three quarterbacks. Just ask Mike Reiss.

Now, am I saying Stidham will start or anything crazy like that? ABSOLUTELY NOT! However, it will help with Stidham making the cut for the roster going into the preseason and eventually, the regular season.

Other Than That, Cam Leaving Practice with a Hand Injury Means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Cam Newton is going to be the starting quarterback for this Patriots team come week one. I know it, you know it, and a lot of other people know it. I refused to accept it for awhile, but now…I accept the reality. I do think there’s a possibility that if Newton plays bad enough, we’ll see Mac Jones at some point. But for now, Cam’s going to be the starter and we’re going to ride that into the 2021 season.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this is nothing serious. Cam deserves a shot to prove that last year, he had a ton working against him. He has a revitalized offense now, especially with Henry and Jonnu Smith at the tight end positions. So let’s see what he can do. Can’t be much worse than what happened in 2020!

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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