Caffe Latte is Coming: Reacting to GOT’s unforgivable blunder

Last week the Battle of Winterfell was overshadowed (literally) by fans like myself complaining that they couldn’t see the screen well enough. This week’s outrage is taking on a whole life of its own. No one thought the most popular show in television history, which costs HBO 15 million dollars per episode could make this grand (or grande) of a mistake.

While everyone is celebrating the victory of the Great War over the White Walkers in the great hall of Winterfell, an actual Starbucks cup was seen sitting right in front of Daenerys Targaryen’s seat by fans. Neither Emilia Clarke who portrays Dany on the show nor anyone production crew noticed the single non-medieval thing sitting right in plain sight? I demand more answers as to how this bypassed seemingly everyone on set.

I can understand a little caffeine boost after partaking in the Great War and all but this is so unforgivable. For a fantasy show filled with heroic soldiers, dragons, giants, and supernatural life to have something like a Starbucks coffee cup is utterly ridiculous and about as out of place as can be.

I never thought any on-screen blunder would top when the horribly put together biopic film of the late rapper, actor, and activist Tupac Shakur had a scene where an iPhone 7 was visibly seen on screen. I wish I was but no, I’m not joking.

For a movie taking place essentially from 1991-1996, it goes without saying that’s so unprofessional on the crew’s part. But the wrong people were selected for making a movie about someone who was as important as Tupac was, and therefore I had low expectation for it to begin with.

This is Game of freaking Thrones we’re talking about. This is the last series I’d expect to make such a poor error. Sadly for me as a fan, it’s a bit of a microcosm of the shows lazy writing and tendency to cut corners though important moments so far this season.

The second to last episode of the series airs this Sunday night. Unless the Starbucks cup was plot armor for Dany suddenly deciding she doesn’t want to rule on the Iron Throne and would rather become the first ever barista in Westeros, don’t expect any more coffee in this show.

-Simon Brady

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