Tom Brady was able to play a single game with Antonio Brown in the 2019 season but we all know how that ended.

If there is something Tom might have learned from Belichick might be the ability to make moves in a very surprising manner. So, with Belichick pulling the move for Newton as QB to New England, could we see Antonio Brown reunion with Tom?

As of this morning, the rumor mill has been HOT!

Could We See a Reunion Happening?

I will personally admit that it scares me to see that this can very well happen.

Back in 2019, Tom made a very strong effort to convince Kraft and Bill on keeping Antonio but with so much drama happening, it just didn’t materialized.

However, one should think about the chemistry between AB and TB12. On their lone game together, these two connected for 56 yards and a touchdown last year.

Don’t get me wrong though, while Tampa Bay has so much talent already, Antonio Brown coming to Tampa Bay would just be a mercy-killing for the rest of the NFL for what could be Tom’s final season and goodbye tour.

Why It Won’t Happen?

While Antonio Brown has shown signs of good conduct and a bit of a change, I really don’t think Bruce Arians is a firm believer of second chances, especially after already putting down the idea of bringing AB to his locker room.

BUT! Aside of the decision made by Bruce Arians, there is some very stiff competition for the likes of Antonio Brown.

Let’s also not forget the Belichick factor. What do I mean by that?

If any of you recall, Bill flat out gave Josh Gordon a second and maybe even a third chance when he joined the Patriots. Do I see Bill maybe giving AB a second chance? Oh, hell yes!

Take a look at the depth chart we have in our offense to start with! Besides Edelman, if Sanu is going to keep the same level he was last year we are dead fish out of water this season even with Newton!

Also, ask yourselves if you really think Kraft is going to spend the type of money he did just to let it all go after one year. I personally think Kraft is smarter than that but I guess stranger things have happened.

In Conclusion

While the rumors seem to be going towards the direction of an actual signing happening, it will not come as a surprise to anyone that this is what Tom Brady wanted.

However, as scared as I am for the rest of the NFL should this happen. I strongly doubt it will just considering Bruce Arians does not tolerate the type of persona that Antonio Brown might be in the locker room creating tension and drama.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)

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