Burnie and Chris Episode 54

It’s Burnie and Chris episode 54! There is nothing good to say about the Boston Red Sox so Chris kicks things off with giving praise to the current best team in baseball, his New York Yankees. That’s right, the Yanks are the best in the big leagues. Chris is loving life as a Yankees fan while Matt hates his as a Red Sox fan. Hopefully the Red Sox turn it around soon. The Leafs get screwed over in games six and seven by the refs and are sent home by the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Bruins lose which is always good. and the Rangers take down the Penguins which once again makes Chris happy. The Rangers now face the Carolina Hurricanes in the second round of the playoffs. We also give our thoughts on the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs!

In the NBA the Celtics take out the defending champions the Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis is sent packing while Jayson Tatum moves on to get revenge against the Miami Heat. The Eastern Conference finals is a 2020 rematch between Boston and Miami. Can the Celtics take down Jimmy Butler this time? In the West, it’s Steph Curry vs Luka Doncic. Both series are going to be great. We also ask ourselves, will Chris Paul retire after another failed attempt at a ring?

In the NFL the schedule is released. We break down both the Patriots and Giants schedules. We also debate if Bill Belichick is losing it after not announcing an offensive and defensive coordinator? And… is Drew Brees coming back? Our thoughts on that!

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 54

  • Red Sox still stink
  • Yankees the best in the league
  • Leafs lose when facing both the refs and Lightning
  • Bruins lose so hockey fans rejoice
  • Rangers move on to face Hurricanes
  • Celtics take down Bucks
  • Celtics now face Miami in a 2020 ECF rematch
  • Warriors vs Mavs will be entertaining
  • Is Chris Paul done?
  • Giants and Patriots schedule review
  • Bill Belichick losing it?
  • Drew Brees coming back?

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