Burnie and Chris Episode 53

It’s Burnie and Chris episode 53! The Red Sox are struggling. This makes Chris glad as his Yankees are on a 10 (now 11) game winning streak. However, Chris knows to not get his hopes up as he knows the Yankees can collapse at any time. Just like how Joey Gallo has collapsed as a hitter right Chris? In the NHL, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are here! We go over a bracket and give our thoughts on the playoffs this year! The Toronto Maple Leafs shutout the defending champs 5-0 in game one! This is something we all love to see! The Rangers are back too and the big apple is buzzing about their return to the postseason!

In the NBA, the Celtics sweep the Brooklyn Nets! Goodbye Kyrie! Now they’re on to Milwaukee to take on the defending champs as Milwaukee stole game one in Boston. Can the Celtics respond? We also review the other matchups in the NBA playoffs and preview the other round two matchups. Specifically, we clown on James Harden as he’s returned to form as in he cannot lead a team to victory without another superstar on the team.

In the NFL, we laugh at Matt’s mock draft as he only got three out of 32 picks correct this year in the first round. Chris is delighted at the Giants draft whereas Matt is not understanding the approach Bill Belichick had for the Patriots. The Patriots stunned the NFL when they selected Cole Strange from Chattanooga in the first round. Yes he’s a guard, but this is a need that could’ve been addressed perhaps later on… also why did the Patriots draft two running backs? Once again Belichick has fans questioning his draft decisions.

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 53

  • Red Sox struggles
  • Yankees dominating
  • Leafs shutout the Lightning in game one
  • Rangers vs Penguins preview
  • Stanley Cup playoffs preview
  • Celtics sweep the Nets and then drop one game to the Bucks
  • NBA conference semi-finals preview
  • NFL draft review

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