Burnie and Chris Episode 30

Another week, another episode! It’s Burnie and Chris episode 30! We shake things up a bit and briefly talk about the English Premier League! Also, we salute Carli Lloyd as she announced her retirement on Monday. An outstanding career comes to end great! Congrats to you Carli! You’ll be missed on the field! The Red Sox look like the hot sox again after sweeping the Orioles! Chris Sale dominates in his return after a near two year absense from baseball. Chris gets mad when Matt exposes the Yankees! Also, congrats to Tyler Gilbert of the Arizona Diamondbacks are he threw a no hitter in his first career start! In the only newsworthy NHL headline for us, Jumbo Joe Thornton signs a one year deal with the Florida Panthers! Joe and his jumbo beard aren’t ready to call it quits just yet!

In the NBA, we break the news that Joel Embiid signs a supermax extension with the Philadelphia 76ers (4 years, $196 million). Embiid gets the money and Ben Simmons gets nothing! The Celtics summer league team is in the championship against the Kings tonight! Payton Pritchard drops 92 points in a pro-am game… that’s good! Marcus Smart gets a 4 year $77 million dollar extension with the Celtics. How do we feel? Find out!

The preseason college football rankings are out! We react! In the NFL, we break the news that Tim Tebow gets the boot from Jacksonville. Those poor Jaguars fans who bought his jersey… what were they thinking? The Patriots and Giants are on to week two in the preseason. The Patriots looked great and the Giants… not so much but Chris isn’t worried! Shoutout to the Atlanta Falcons as they become the first team in the NFL to have all players get the vaccine against Covid!

Topics for Burnie and Chris Episode 30

  • EPL love
  • Congrats Carli Lloyd
  • Red Sox are hot
  • Yankees update
  • Tyler Gilbert no no in first career start
  • Joe Thornton to the Panthers!
  • Joel Embiid contract extension
  • Celtics summer league team is good
  • Payton Pritchard is very good
  • Marcus Smarts get paid
  • College football rankings are out
  • Tim Tebow gets cut
  • Patriots preseason week 1 review
  • Giants preseason week 1 review
  • The Falcons all have the vaccine

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