Brutal Being A New England Fan As Brady vs. Belichick Week is Here

After a tough loss against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, the Brady vs. Belichick week we all saw coming in advance is here.

The highly anticipated matchup between the two is here and it comes at a time where Patriots fans are a little uneasy to see how things are going. It probably doesn’t help at all the many careless mistakes that happened for New England’s offense against the Saints. Now, the aggravation truly starts as not just the fan base continues the argument of Cam vs. Mac but now the media coverage begins as well.

Media Coverage on Brady vs. Belichick Week Begins!

Today honestly feels brutal to be a New England Patriots fan.

The focus seems to be mainly on whatever scrutiny and story lines stick to the wall when it comes to finding out the reasons as to why Tom Brady left New England and went to Tampa Bay. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this interview which immediately set off Patriots twitter this morning, with fans not staying quiet about how they felt.

The interview itself as you can see, had Bill feeling a certain type of way. However for fans, some felt the questions were poking at him to see if he would budge and give a different answer. For others, its about finding closure. I can tell you that for me as a fan, I have moved on and realized that it is simply a part of sports, yes it sucks to see a legend like Tom leave but that time always come. For us Patriots fans, it just happened to arrive slightly earlier than thought possible.

Oh and let’s not forget, this Brady vs. Belichick week of hellish coverage comes at the heels of Patriots fans having honored and saying goodbye to Julian Edelman after he announced his retirement last year, and having to do so at a game 3 loss.

And It’s Only Monday…

I saw this quote earlier and it couldn’t had been put in a better words. The longest week for New England Patriots fans is just getting started. Although it is only Monday, we are seeing videos like this trending all over social media platforms. Nevertheless, just yesterday the additional trending subject was the aforementioned arguments by fans about Cam vs. Mac and how Cam should’ve been kept on the team.

While the argument of Mac vs. Cam has been going on for far too long, I think this week itself will feel like an eternity. However, one person said it best and I think as Patriots fans, this may just be the route to go and that is as Matthew Slater said this afternoon…

Final Thoughts…

Brady vs. Belichick week is here and wow there is a lot of emotion in the air for this matchup. For some fans, this will be a tough loss to swallow especially going up against two other ex-Patriots players and not just Tom Brady himself. Will have to deal with the Brady to Gronkowski throws, and will have to deal with the deep threat that Antonio Brown poses if he clears COVID protocol for this game.

Personally, I’ll be watching regardless. Yes could it be a painful loss to watch, it very well could be! However, who knows! This matchup could be a very close one too. I remember last year people thinking we would get shot out to the moon when facing the Chiefs and yet it was a close game. Could we be in for a surprise victory here against the Bucs, only way to find out is whatever comes Sunday.

I am focusing on the fact that both teams are coming into this matchup after losses in week three. Week three could offer the opportunity to finally see Trent Brown and Josh Uche back which could be significant factors for week 4 against Tampa. Additionally, we will likely get to see N’Keal Harry back in action. Who knows, maybe he is that missing key in our offense?

For now, all I can tell you, my fellow Patriots fans, is to buckle up and don’t give up on this Patriots team. The season is still young and a lot of football left to play.

(Featured Image credit to Bostonherald.com)

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