Bruins Captain Patrice Bergeron excels on and off the ice

Bruins Captain Patrice Bergeron is a role model for players both in professional leagues and minor hockey alike. A player known for playing the game “the right way”. But behind the Selke trophies and nominations, the Stanley Cup and the letter on the front of the jersey: there is a genuine human being. Recent events in the world of hockey inspired me to take a dive into the 18-year veteran’s actions away from the rink.

Patrice’s Pals

Patrice started the Patrice’s Pals initiative years ago. This program gives children from local hospitals and organizations the chance to watch the Bruin’s from a suite funded by Patrice. A true VIP experience at the game. With amenities such as food and drinks, a shot up on the jumbotron and the opportunity for a and greet with Patrice himself.

Patrice and his Peers

There’s the way you carry yourself on the ice, then there’s also the way you carry yourself off the ice. Bergeron is a shining model of excellence in both settings. There have been teammates, both current and former, who have spoken to this. Most recently, John Moore who received the news he was being sent down to the Bruins minor affiliate, the Providence Bruins. In an interview with media, Moore mentioned that Patrice Bergeron was the first phone call he received upon hearing the news.

Another instance involved former Bruin Gemel Smith. A player claimed off waivers by the Bruins back in the 2018-2019 season. Smith made it known in an interview that he was experiencing depression. Patrice, having experienced this himself, noticed the signs with Gemel and reach out his hand to the struggling Bruin.

A Beacon for the Bruins

A contribution that is overlooked is how involved both Bergeron and teammate Brad Marchand are in the recruiting process of new players. It’s not uncommon for players the Bruins target in Free Agency to hear from the Bruins Captain himself. Players such as David Backes, Craig Smith and most recently Nick Foligno had spoken to Bergeron during the recruiting process.

Bergeron has become the face of the Bruins and its contributions such as these that make him known and well respected throughout the league.

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-Josh Croteau (@_JCro on Twitter)

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