Brock Lesnar Making His Return to The UFC in The Near Future?

UFC president Dana White has made the MMA community go crazy with the news Brock Lesnar will be returning to UFC. The last time fans saw Lesnar in the octagon was at UFC 200, all the way back in 2016. Lesnar dominated The Super Samoan Mark Hunt and won via decision. Fans were ecstatic to see one of the biggest heavyweight draws back in the octagon, but their excitement wouldn’t last for long. Lesnar eventually failed a drug test, which made Hunt and the UFC fans furious. Lesnar has only been seen in WWE since UFC 200, and gave no signs of returning to the UFC. That was until Dana White posted a picture with Lesnar on Instagram. This made MMA fans go into a flurry, everyone wanted to know who Lesnar would be making his octagon return against?


Stipe Miocic: Stipe has already proven he’s the baddest man on the planet after he dominated Francis Ngannou at UFC 220. Stipe is one of the most respected heavyweight champions in UFC history. So why not give Stipe a fight against Brock, if Stipe can beat Cormier at UFC 226? Miocic deserves a huge payday, and a fight against Lesnar would definitely give him a huge payday. Miocic isn’t a favorable matchup for Lesnar, Stipe is comfortable anywhere the fight goes, and has some of the best boxing in the heavyweight division.

Daniel Cormier: Cormier is Stipe’s opponent at UFC 226, and that is a huge fight. Dana White has already said the winner of that fight will possibly get a fight against Brock Lesnar. Cormier is undersized for the heavyweight division height wise. Don’t let his height fool you; Cormier is an exceptional wrestler with very fast hands for the heavyweight division. Cormier is a former Olympic wrestler; Lesnar is a former D1 wrestler from the University of Minnesota. It would be an interesting matchup just based on the question, who has the grappling advantage in this fight?

Jon Jones: This is the fight every fan wants to see! But unfortunately every time this fight seems like it’s going to happen, either Lesnar or Jones fails a drug test and is sidelined. Jon Jones is currently in some troubles with USADA so this fight seems like a long shot at the moment. There’s no secret Jon Jones is one of the most talented mixed martial artist the world has ever seen. Not to mention Jon Jones is a giant draw in MMA. The pay per view numbers for Jones vs Lesnar would be unbelievable. Hopefully we get to see this fight soon.

Francis Ngannou: Ngannou has been calling out Lesnar for quite some time. The hype around Ngannou took a huge hit after Stipe Miocic dominated him at UFC 220 in Boston. If the UFC wants to keep the hype around Ngannou they should give him a fight against Lesnar. The only problem is, this fight could resemble the Stipe Miocic fight if Ngannou’s wrestling hasn’t improved. Ngannou can knock any heavyweight out, but Lesnar won’t even entertain that because his wrestling’s so good. If Ngannou improves his ground game and takedown defense this would be a huge fight. I don’t think it’s next but I think it’d be an interesting fight if Ngannou improves in MMA.


Stephen Caloggero (@steveo_calo)

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