Beer Review: Brewery Ommegang – Hennepin Saison

“Great discoveries await in the lands less known.” If that headline for Hennepin Saison doesn’t pique your interest, you run a hard bargain.

Hennepin Saison is an award-winning Belgian ale from the Cooperstown-based Brewery Ommegang. What comes to mind when you hear “Cooperstown?” Baseball, of course! But get ready for a mini history lesson. Before baseball, Cooperstown was home to massive hop production in the 19th century. So for baseball fans and beer fans alike, you have a connection that is deeply rooted in the history of Cooperstown. This particular ale is named after Father Hennepin, an explorer credited with bringing Niagara Falls to the world’s attention. That explains the seafarer on the label.

Brewery Ommegang is one of those breweries that I constantly see when I’m in a liquor store. And, as I read more and more about this brewery, I can’t help but feel like they deserve it. It’s clear that they take such pride in their brewing processes. The brewery was built in 1997, and in the craft beer era, that’s actually pretty far back. According to their website, it was the “first farmstead brewery built in the USA in over a hundred years.” They’re a staple in the Belgian ale sector. I’ve already tried a couple others in their lineup, like Rare Vos Amber Ale, Pale Sour Ale, and Rosetta, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I cracked open Hennepin Saison on a warm spring night. The beer pours like liquid copper, with immediate aromas of citrus, ginger, and spices. You can expect the same flavors when it comes to the taste. With a 7.7% ABV, this is a dangerous saison in the best way possible. It’s surprisingly drinkable and I could have easily cracked open beer number two without feeling overwhelmed with alcohol. Overall, it’s a well-balanced, classic American saison that all fans of Belgian ale need to try.

-Zach Benard

2 thoughts on “Beer Review: Brewery Ommegang – Hennepin Saison

  • connorstrayer

    You gotta try Captains Daughter

    • Zach Benard

      I’ve heard good things! I’ll add it to my list.


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