BREAKING NEWS: Kyrie Irving Is Out For The Year

Well, this happened about an hour and a half ago.

So there it is, Kyrie Irving’s season is over and essentially the Celtics’ season as well. Its hard to put a positive spin on this but I’ll try to. The original surgery Kyrie had 2 weeks ago was to relieve some tension wire from his leg and will now get both screws removed. He will now be out 4-5 months but will be back for training camp next year. So he will not miss anytime next year, which is huge. Plus, this is not supposed to effect him in the long term as it appeared it was time for the screws to come out. So that should comfort Celtics fans a bit.

But what happens now? Well, the Celtics are locked into the 2 seed and they will be in the playoffs. I still think they should win their 1st round matchup with the roster they have now. This postseason now is all about the young guys. Terry Rozier, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown should get a crazy amount of minutes and develop some much needed playoff experience. That will help them for experience and potentially for trade value as well. I also think there is no shot now that Marcus Smart and Gordon Hayward come back. It obvious now but its worth mentioning. The 2018 season will be remembered as a season of “what ifs” as they were rattled with injuries. But the good news is that this core is very young. They didn’t have to win it this year and they should be a contender for years to come. But overall, this is a bad day for Celtics’ fans. Comment below to vent guys, go Red Sox and Bruins.

Steve Santoro (SVS_1993)

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