Breaking News: Edinson Cavani Signs Contract Extension with Manchester United!

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If there are any moms out there that are Manchester United fans along with their kids, your celebrations are just getting better. Here’s why!

Breaking News!

Drum roll please…

While many United fans were worried about repercussions after the European Super League nightmare, today United fans wake up to nice news from the team itself.

It’s no surprise that the addition of Edinson Cavani to the team has been a successful one. Edinson, who is now 34 years old has made a major impact thus far this season for the team. In his tenure at Manchester United, Edinson has been a leader and a perfect example for youngsters the likes of Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and a major hurdle to overcome for the career of Anthony Martial who is still in injury recovery.

Let’s take a look at his stats so far in the 2020-2021 campaign with Manchester United:

  • Premier League: 23 Matches played, 9 goals, 2 assists.
  • Europa League: 4 Matches played, 5 goals.
  • EFL Cup: 1 Match played, 1 goal.

What These News Mean For United?

As far as United fans go, these news are massive and pave the way on what to expect for the offseason at Old Trafford.

Manchester United has been on a roll thus far trying to hold back Manchester City’s title celebration in the English Premier League. In fact, just this past weekend United bounced back after trailing Villa away. Should United be successful at somehow holding their rivals till the very end, a lot will be thanks to the attributions that Cavani has brought to the squad.

These news mean a lot to Manchester United overall. Just in the 2020-2021 campaign, after an atrocious start United found a way to climb back and show who they really are.

In this years campaign, United have demonstrated after their October transfer window that they can be a top tier team! In October of 2020, that’s when Edinson Cavani joined the team and since then United has been transformed.

The 2020-21 campaign is ending on a very high note for United. In the English Premier League, they are 2nd trailing City by a game and 10 points. Then, you look at the Europa League and they are in the final.

What This Means For Cavani?

For Starters, this is an incredibly feel-good story for Edinson Cavani!

If we are honest here and take a second, think of how Cavani’s confidence must’ve been shaken as he transferred to one of the toughest leagues in the world. As you think of that, add the fact of coming to a super club like United and it’s history! So with that in mind, this is a huge boost in confidence for Edinson who now gets a gentle reminder that his career is not over yet.

Welcome back Edinson!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter).

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