BREAKING NEWS: Celtics Sign Former Number Two Overall Pick Jabari Parker

It’s a Friday night and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m on vacation until next Monday for the first time since Christmas break. CGS just put out some great content on the twitch page. (Go check them out btw!) Now? The Boston Celtics are making some moves to bolster their depth. This literally came out about 10 minutes ago as I write this very article. The Celtics announced that they are signing former 2014 NBA draft 2nd overall pick Jabari Parker.

Now that Jabari Parker is in the fold, let’s look at a few things.

The Celtics Signed Parker to a Two Year Deal

This I think means a little something. Parker could’ve very easily been a rest of the year rental. He maybe could’ve even been a 10 day contract! Probably not, but hey, you never know these days. This means that the Celtics truly value Parker’s ability in the frontcourt. Parker averaged nearly 15 points a game during his career. The Celtics need some bench depth badly. Wouldn’t this move make sense then? Yes!

The Celtics Waive Mo Wagner

The Celtics got Mo Wagner at the trade deadline in a number of moves. Wagner never felt like a long term piece in Boston, especially with the emergence of Luke Kornet. To make room for Parker, Wagner had to go. Who else are you going to get rid of? Maybe a guy like Carsen Edwards or maybe Tacko? That would be very crazy! But alas, something had to give and Wagner was that something to give.

In Conclusion

Nothing like a little news dump on a Friday night. But, I’m simply here to report the news. Does Jabari Parker make the Celtics a title contender? For sure not! But he definitely can help. The bench almost blew the Laker game last night, so Danny Ainge saw that he had to make a move. Parker can help with the front court play and give the Celtics a much needed boost. Parker has been around the league for quite a few teams now. What’s the worst that happens? He doesn’t work out and then you move on. Look at Danny making a move going into the weekend!

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Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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