Breaking Down San-Diego Comic-Con 2017

San Diego Comic-Con, aka Nerd’s Christmas, went down this weekend and it’s safe to say that a ton of information and news broke in the entertainment world. With it officially behind us, it’s time to recap all of the main stories that broke over the past 4 days. I’ll start the list from smallest stories to biggest stories that came out of Comic-Con.

13 Inhumans Looks Really Bad- This is what happens when you have a T.V. project that should be on the budget of a movie. The effects and acting in the new trailer just look terrible.

12 Kingsman 2nd Trailer Drops- The original Kingsman was a real surprise back in 2014. The new trailer that came out on Friday looks like the 2nd Kingsman is going have as much fun as the first one did.

11 Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Premiers- It’s become a tradition at every Comic-Con that the Walking Dead releases their first look at the upcoming season. In the season 8 trailer, you see more of the crew getting ready to fight Negan and possibly a glimpse into the far future.

10 Ready Player One Teaser Trailer Wows- Whenever Steven Spielberg is directing a movie, it’s automatically on people’s watch list. Ready Player One is a movie that looks beautiful and has A TON of nostalgia for 80s and 90s kids (I SEE YOU IRON GIANT).

9 Captain Marvel Will Be in the 90s- To kick off their panel, Marvel Studios announced that the Captain Marvel movie will take place before the events of the first Iron Man. It was also confirmed that Nick Fury will return to the MCU and will have BOTH eyes.

8 Lack of Star WarsNot that anything bad happened here, I just find it very strange that Star Wars didn’t do anything for The Last Jedi. The movie comes out in December and they should have had at least a panel with the cast. But my guess is they didn’t feel they didn’t have to do anything with D-23 happening the week before.

7 Stranger Things Debuts Season 2 Trailer- It’s safe to say that the Netflix show has become a cultural phenomenon. At Comic-Con, Netflix released the 1st full trailer and it spread like wildfire. It had 192,000 retweets on twitter! Wow.

6 Ant-Man Casts Janet van Dyne- Right after Marvel announced the Captain Marvel news, studio head and nerd Jesus Kevin Feige broke news to the crowd that they had casted Michelle Pfeiffer in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Now Michael Keaton and Pfeiffer (previously Catwoman) will be moving from DC to Marvel.

5 Ben Affleck Denies Exiting Rumors- Speaking of DC, a huge story broke out coming from The Hollywood Reporter saying that Ben Affleck wanted out as Batman. The very next day, Affleck outright denied the rumors that he was leaving the role. In fact, Warner Brothers announced that a solo Batman movie will be coming out in the next few years. We haven’t heard the last of this story, that’s for damn sure.

4 The Defenders Shows Series Premier – Before Netflix showed their Stranger Things, they showed the new Defenders trailer which showed Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron First all coming together Avengers style. But then, they surprised everyone and showed the entire first episode to the Comic-Con audience. General reactions were very positive and that’s a great sign considering it drops on August 18th.

3 Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Is Balls To The Wall Crazy- While I have liked the previous Thor movies, it’s safe to say that they are worst out the solo movies in the MCU. Well, Thor: Ragnarok looks to change that. The new trailer shows a lot more humor and just looks like so much fun. I mean, the Hulk alone in this trailer fights a giant wolf and the goddamn devil! November 3rd can’t get here fast enough.

2 Justice League Drops 4 Minute Trailer- Despite the negativity surrounding Batman, DC still knocked the house down with their new trailer. Despite the criticism of the DCU, which I am a part of, it’s still special seeing the Justice League come together for the first time ever on the big screen. I mean, its the fucking Justice League. Hopefully it can live up to its HUGE expectations. Plus that Superman tease that the end was pretty cool.

1 Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Leaks Online- So out of the trailers that officially released, Thor and Justice League were the best. BUT…. If you were on a computer like I was on Sunday morning, then you saw the glory of what was the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. The movie is set to come out next May and director Joe Russo showed Hall-H the first footage and the place went bananas. But they did not release it to the public and probably won’t for a few months. But the trailer leaked liked crazy on Sunday and I can tell you it was as good as people say. You finally see the Guardians of the Galaxy team up with the Avengers to take on Thanos. I won’t spoil it because not everyone saw it, but what I will say is that if Infinity War is as good as the trailer was, then it has a real chance to be the highest grossing move of all-time.

Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

Steven Santoro

I love sports and movies. Be on the lookout for articles about both. I also made a video that got 24,000 Retweets. (The views expressed on this website are mine alone and are not intended in any way to reflect the views of my employer)

2 thoughts on “Breaking Down San-Diego Comic-Con 2017

  • July 26, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Great read. You’ve made me excited for Justice League. I was just cautiously optimistic before, but now genuinely excited. Sucks to hear about The Inhumans, though.

  • July 30, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    Great breakdown. Im so looking forward to Ragnarok and Justice league


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