Breaking Down Red Sox Ownership’s Comments on the Trade

The trade is done. Mookie Betts and David Price are in Los Angeles and we as Red Sox fans are in mourning. To make things even better, we heard from Red Sox ownership on the matter. Chaim Bloom, Tom Werner, and John Henry all took to a podium to talk about what has unfolded over the past few days. After hearing what they have to say, I have a few thoughts.

Tom Werner’s Words

This to me seems like Werner doesn’t care much at all about what happened. Sure, he thanks Betts and Price at the end for what they did as Red Sox members. But, does anybody else think he just wants to get away from the situation as fast as he can? He mentions about how he wants long-term success, which I like to think about. Hopefully, Werner’s words will be backed up with actions now that the Red Sox are under the luxury tax and have money to spend.

Chaim Bloom’s Words

This feels a little bit forced if you ask me. What else can Chaim Bloom really say about Mookie and David Price? It’s like when you’re asked to say something about someone you hardly know. Sure, you might actually say something. But, you might not feel very confident in it. Bloom is focused on the future and rightfully should be. He was given a tough situation: get under the luxury tax, but be competitive. That’s not easy to ask of any general manager, let alone the chief baseball officer for the Red Sox. For Bloom, it is what it is unfortunately. Thanks for the memories guys, but I have a team to build for the future. Who can blame him really?

John Henry’s Words

https://twitter.com/RedSox/status/1227031994216964096Believe it or not, I like what John Henry said the best. It seemed to be sincere and from the heart. He made sure to give each guy their respective praise. Especially with Mookie, it seemed like Henry genuinely appreciated everything that was done. I’m a big fan of genuinity, so with Henry saying these comments, it seems like he really values his players. I know people are telling him to sell the team, which is probably valid. But, at least he comes from a good place with these comments.

Sam Kennedy’s Words

Sam Kennedy is similar to John Henry in this case. It seems like he’s sincere with his kind words of Betts and Price. Kennedy has a lot of work to do with this team now that the two are with the Dodgers. But at least he reflects on their time here fondly.

In Conclusion

Responses to these types of deals are always weird. What can you really say? I know people are saying, “they shouldn’t have traded the two in the first place”, but they did. We have to live with the consequences. These four men will now have to watch as 2020 will probably be a struggle. That means that the Red Sox better be competing in 2021. Otherwise, they might be the least liked Boston sports team.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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