Breaking Down Joe Budden Firing His Cohosts Mid-Show Today

Today, Joe Budden had one of his most famous rants and possibly his last one.  Today on the Joe Budden Podcast, Budden went off on his cohosts, Rory and Mal, calling them “selfish, arrogant, and entitled.”

I used to listen to Joe Budden everyday when he was on Everyday Struggle with DJ Akademiks and Nadeska.  Everyday Struggle was my favorite hip-hop podcast and Budden brought a great perspective to everything.  Along with DJ Akademiks, he talked rap and hip-hop and brought some incredible moments (i.e The Migos Fight and him yelling at Lil Yachty).

Budden ultimately left the show in 2017 to start his own podcast.  Everyday Struggle continued to succeed but ultimately came to an end in early 2021.  I will say that I did not like the Joe Budden Podcast.  I loved what he did with Everyday Struggle but that show didn’t need him.  Instead they got better when he left… Budden, of course, had a big disagreement on pay with Complex and that was the reason he left Everyday Struggle.

Weird enough, Budden is saying his cohosts, Rory and Mal, are doing something very similar to what he did with Complex.  Long story short, Rory and Mal went on strike to kind of do their own thing.  Budden totally understood and said their seats are always open for a return.  And so, they took that offer up two weeks ago and then today they were fired… on air.

Budden clearly is a hot head and this doesn’t come as a surprise.  Remember, this is the same guy who screamed at the top of his lungs at Lil Yachty for being happy.  He is also the same guy who has had multiple issues with other rappers because he is a hot head.  However, this is the cherry on top and quiet possibly the end of his career as a hip-hop podcaster.  It’s a shame because he still gave us the best moment with his fight with The Migos.

John (Uncle_mac4)

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