BREAKING: Demaryius Thomas Has Been Dealt To Houston Texans

The NFL trade deadline is today and one of the first, big pieces to be moved is Demaryius Thomas.

Thomas has been the central focus of the deadline due to some major teams rumored to potentially be after the receiver. One of the teams that was allegedly looking into making a move for the once great receiver was the New England Patriots. Although, it has also been speculated that the only reason that rumor was out there was to “scare” Josh Gordon who was reportedly set to be disciplined at the start of this week’s Monday Night Football game against the Bills.

With this move, the Texans are looking to replace Will Fuller. Fuller tore his ACL this past week against the Miami Dolphins. Thomas will clearly be the number two receiver to DeAndre Hopkins.

Okay, now that we got the specifics out of the way, I love this move for the Texans. They’re finally beginning to hit their stride and their offense is starting to catch some fire.

Look, I anticipated these guys to have one of the hottest offenses in the NFL this season with the return of Deshaun Watson who was injured last season with a torn ACL of his own.

Last year—his rookie season—Watson was an absolute FORCE and it looked like Billy O’Brien finally found the quarterback that he’s been searching for since grabbing that head coaching job down in Houston. And now that Watson’s starting to catch fire again, I still think he’s found that guy.

Thomas has had an okay season so far but you have to look at who’s throwing him the ball. Case Keenum’s a fine quarterback, I guess, but I think he’ll be much more lethal with the Texans. He’s the clear number two like I said, but I he’s just not the guy he used to be. At one point Thomas was absolutely the guy in the Broncos’ system. At this point though, there’s no reason to think that he won’t be productive with Watson and the Houston Texans offense.

This was a solid move for the Texans that will absolutely help win them the division over those big, bad, scary Jaguars…

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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