Brady Departs from Belichick Island

Just over one year ago, the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams in a defensive led Super Bowl where the Pats trumped the Rams 13-3. Super Bowl LIII cemented and sealed both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to be the greatest to ever do it in their positions as quarterback and head coach. However, the media members continue to have conversation of who should take more of the recognition for their phenomenal 20 year run.This double decade run consisted of 6 Super Bowl Championships, 9 Super Bowl Appearances, and 17 Division Titles.

Tom Brady’s Sit Down with Howard Stern

In his recent tell all interview with Howard Stern, Brady states “I cannot do Coach Belichick’s job and he cannot do mine.” The QB also labeled it as a “shitty” argument to stir up when it comes to who should receive more of the credit. Tom is looking to empty the tank for his last few seasons and trying to collect another Championship Ring before he hangs up the cleats and moonwalks backward into the Hall of Fame (unanimous voting). On the other hand, the Patriots need to make sure they’re setting themselves up for future success. It’s a pretty simple reason why the two did not continue along with this partnership. Extending Brady at the money he was looking to receive in free agency would have set football operations back for years to come here in New England.

Patriot Signings

The Patriots were left with only $1M in cap space after extending safety Devin McCourty (5 Yr/$53M). The team also franchise tagged guard Joe Thuney at $14.78M for the year 2020. After the two transactions, there was no option to give Brady the coin he deserves before he continues with the rest of his career as well as life after football. Now let’s take a brief look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay is not known for its professional sports market. In respectful terms, the Buccaneers are light years behind the Patriots as an organization when it comes to ownership and accolades. They have a young and talented roster led by one of the strongest wide receiving cores in the league. Tom might just fall exactly where he needs to be in the final years of his legacy.

The Buccaneers finished the 2019 campaign at 7-9 with their quarterback leading the NFL in turnovers. If you replace Winston with Brady’s decision making ability and experience, you win more. You bring that sub .500 record and most likely flip it to a minimum of a 9-7 record capped by a maximum of 10-6. This is based off of the 2019 touchdown to turnover ratio. Winston threw 30 total interceptions on 626 attempts last year with SEVEN being returned for touchdowns. Now, talk about putting your defense in a bad position not only on the field, but also on the scoreboard. Brady totaled 8 interceptions in 2019 on 613 attempts, not too shabby for a 42 year-old. The best coach and quarterback duo ever to exist has come to an end. Patriots fans should be able to put their emotions aside and celebrate for what they just witnessed.


May Patriot nation rest their head this evening knowing it was time for Tom to go! Simply put, there will NEVER be another Tom Brady.

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-Fred O’Brien (@FOBCGSports)

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