Brad Stevens Got Prank Called This Morning

In a very routine conference call this morning, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens received a few unexpected questions from two unexpecting reporters:

Ah, classic Big J journalism from the Pardon My Take guys over at Barstool. As a blogger, all I can really do here is respect the biz. You aspire to be as talented as Big Cat and PFT are at what they do for a living. They never miss a beat.

Watching this completely fly over the heads of the Celtics beat guys killed me. But I need to know two things here. 1: How do they manage to get on these conference calls? And 2: WHO HAS THE AUDIO? I am dying to hear Brad Stevens abruptly end this call because he got asked about signing LeBron James. Absolutely dying. I fully expect it to be on the next episode of Pardon My Take.

Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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