Boston Red Sox: Chaim Bloom has Been Restocking the Farm System, that Shouldn’t Scare Fans Off For Potential Trades

There’s an old saying, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. It’s been fun watching Chaim Bloom restock the Red Sox farm system after taking over for Dave Dombrowski.

The Red Sox have added some considerable talent to their system. However, not everyone can play for the Red Sox and some of these prospects will be used for trades. That shouldn’t scare Red Sox fans as long as Bloom is smart about the player(s) he targets. There is nothing to suggest that he wouldn’t be.

The Red Sox 40-man roster is getting stocked with talented players. There aren’t a lot of players on the 40-man that you can remove without feeling the pain from the move. That’s a testament to Chaim Bloom’s focus and dedication to focusing on the Red Sox long-term sustainability.

Chaim Bloom Will Trade Red Sox Prospects and that’s Ok

Over the next few weeks, the Red Sox will be attached to numerous names in an effort to improve their roster.

Upgrades like Anthony Rizzo, Charlie Morton, Garrett Cooper, Robbie Grossman are all on the table. Odds are there will be other players not being reported in the media.

The Red Sox will have a few weeks to evaluate what they’d like to do leading up to the trade deadline. Heading into the second-half of the season, Boston has called up top prospect Jarren Duran and Tanner Houck.

Duran will get a look to see if he can be a contributor to the big league club. Houck provides depth for both the rotation and the bullpen. Two areas the Red Sox could address at the trade deadline.


The prospects in the system are meant to have young, talented and controllable options as Bloom builds the overall roster. Fans should not be afraid to see the Red Sox part with some in order to improve the roster for a potential World Series run.

I’ve seen the argument that you can’t trade them yet, Bloom just acquired them. While that’s true, you also can’t hang on to everyone. Look at what the San Diego Padres did last season at the deadline and in the offseason. The Padres traded substantial prospects to improve their big league club and they still have a surplus of talent.

The point is Bloom can restock the cupboards while using some of the groceries to build the major-league roster. To be clear, I’m not advocating trading their top-tier prospects, but the system is getting flush with second-tier players who’ll help bring in significant pieces at the deadline.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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