Boston native Rich Hill is on the move

This Boston Native is once again on the move from the dump of Tropicana Field to the Citi Field in Queens, NY. If you can’t figure out who I’m talking about…you are not a baseball fan or a Red Sox fan. Just kidding, it’s Milton MA native Rich Hill. The 41-year-old lefty signed with the Tampa Bay Rays this offseason on a one-year 2.5 million dollar deal. So far this season, he has posted a 3.87 ERA in 95.1 innings pitched, all while appearing in 19 games so far this season. Now? Rich Hill has been involved in a trade.

Rich Hill: The Actual Trade

The Mets are sending two minor leaguers to Tampa in exchange for Hill. Pitcher Tommy Hunter and catcher Matt Dyer are reportedly packing their bags and heading to the sunshine state. Hunter, a 14 year seasoned vet, has currently spent time between the big league club and their minor league affiliate, only appearing in 4 games so far this season. In those four games, however, he has yet to allow a run. Hunter previously played for the Rays back in 2017.

Dyer is a 22-year-old prospect drafted by the Mets in the fourth round of the 2020 Draft. So far, he has struggled offensively this season, only hitting .194 with seven big flys and 20 RBIs, all while playing for Single-A St. Lucie. Not great, but catchers aren’t supposed to be able to hit. It sounds like Dyer could greatly benefit from a possible change of scenery and seemed to be a big reason the Rays completed this trade.

Now the prominent name involved in the trade, Hill. Hill is now going to his 10th team since breaking into the league back in 2005 with the Chicago Cubs. He currently has a career 3.80 ERA with 73 wins and 48 losses in 183 games as a starter. He has racked up over 1071 innings on the mound and has been as reliable and consistent as you can ask for out of a 41-year-old pitcher.

Take Away

It’s a little interesting to see Tampa shipping out pitching, especially after acquiring Nelson Cruz less than 12 hours ago. This is a good move for both sides, I feel. Nonetheless, I can see why they did so; Tampa is all about getting prospects and seeing what they can do with them. Besides, Tommy Hunter is no stranger to pitching in the big leagues. Tampa is hoping that Hunter can be helpful down the stretch out of the pen. So in the scheme of things, what this trade came down to was a consistently average pitcher for a so-so-relief pitcher that has shown signs of being good and a very young catching prospect.

As for the Mets, it’s simple; acquiring Hill adds to the number of quality arms they have already. It also allows for the pitchers that are hurt and coming back to have a lesser load thrown onto them right away. DeGrom, Carrasco, Syndergaard, and David Peterson are all on the IL at the moment, so the first-place Mets are just looking to acquire a consistent arm, and they have done precisely that. Great trade all around in the case of Rich Hill. It’s been a fun 24 hours so far; let’s hope it continues throughout the deadline!

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-Kevin Perdios (@Kperdios15 on Twitter)

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