Boogie Cousins Tearing His ACL Was Caught on Video And… Yikes

Everyone knows by now that Boogie Cousins caught another brutal break by tearing his ACL earlier this week. The new Lakers’ center was poised to have a big year with Los Angeles now that he was now in his second season back following his left Achilles tear in January 2018. And the thing is, no matter how you feel about the guy, you don’t want this to happen to (mostly) anyone.

It’s a tough break for the Lakers, Boogie and honestly, from a selfish perspective, NBA fans. The west was about to be a BATTLEFIELD with the Rockets, Warriors, Lakers, Nuggets (?) and Clippers. And some others will be competitive too, relax. The Los Angeles rivalry was about to be electric again and it still will be, don’t get me wrong. But the lakers losing Boogie like this is a big blow and it sucks to see this happen to the center, again, after his previous Achilles tear.

As much of a d-bag as he was on the court sometimes, he’s still awesome for the league. He’s got the attitude you want your team to have. He obviously cares about winning and sure, lets his attitude get in the way of that sometimes, but there’s no doubt that the guy’s talented as all hell.

I’m also just excited for other teams to be legitimate factors in the west other than the Warriors again and they were one of the groups that will make some noise. Taking him out of the equation still leaves LA with a solid team, but having Boogie in the mix keeps things more interesting… At least for me and that’s all I care about.

Brutal watch here but hopefully Boogie will make a return this season because the guy’s gotten his ass kicked by injury over the last few years.

He signed a 1-year, $3.5 million deal with LA over the offseason while LeBron looked to become the king again… With some help.

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