Blues vs Sharks, Binnington’s Meltdown

Last night, something amazing happened in the NHL. St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington sucked, which is awesome! Not only was Binnington terrible, he was also pulled from the game. On his way off the ice, the salty goaltender went after three San Jose Sharks players. That’s right, three. He really had to let his frustration out on the ice instead of on the bench. By doing this, he looked like a complete fool, which for all hockey fans, was great entertainment. Let’s review last night’s game and of course, one of the most entertaining meltdowns in recent memory for most hockey fans.

Not a normal game

Jordan Binnington loses temper in Blues' game vs. Sharks

On paper, this matchup looks like it should have been an easy win for St. Louis. It was anything but that. This game ended up being a high scoring game which resulted in a 7-6 victory for St. Louis. Yes, the San Jose Sharks scored six goals and still lost. Yes, I’m a Sharks fan and yes, it’s painful to say that. The final score of this game should be getting all the headlines, but it’s not. Before we get into what got the headlines, let’s talk about this game. Regardless of the score, it was awesome to watch such a high scoring game. It is rare to see a game where both teams score more than five goals.

The scoring got started just 17 seconds into it with a goal from Timo Meier. The Blues quickly responded to tie it and then just after the ten minute mark Evander Kane scored on the powerplay giving San Jose the 2-1 lead heading into the first intermission. Sharks fans know to never trust a San Jose lead since both goalies (Martin Jones and Devan Dubnyk) are terrible, and the defense isn’t great either. However, the second period is where things got wild.

It took three minutes for the Blues to tie the game at two. Typical Sharks, can’t hang on to a lead for too long. Meier scored on the powerplay just minutes later to give San Jose the lead, but the Blues tied it again just seconds later. It’s now 3-3, and the Sharks are coming down the ice. Evander Kane has the puck and he scores to give San Jose the lead once again. However, something else happened that was even better than Kane giving the Sharks the lead back.

Jordan Binnington’s meltdown

Count it, not one, not two, but three players Jordan Binnington went after. What a baby! He’s having a bad night and feels the need to shove others… dude come on! To me, this shows that Binnginton has a weak mentality and the smallest things get to him. No wonder why he’s consistently declined since his rookie year! He’ll be a bench warmer within the next two years and it’ll be hilarious to see it! He had one good half season and he thinks he thinks he can do whatever he wants and go hit other players because he’s mad he’s being pulled because he sucked! Get your priorities straight Binnington!

Rest of the game

NHL: San Jose Sharks frustrated by loss to St. Louis Blues

Well the rest of the game didn’t go as planned for San Jose, unless they were planning on losing. Entering the third period it was tied at four, with once again, St. Louis getting the scoring started. Labanc tied it again at five just to see Ryan O’Reilly give the lead back to St. Louis. By now you should see where this is going since two more goals were scored. For San Jose it was captain Logan Couture but then Marco Scandella scored the final goal of the game giving the victory to the St. Louis Blues.

Final thoughts

This game was wild. However, seeing Jordan Binnington have a temper tantrum like a toddler was the best part of this game. As a Sharks fan I’m not even mad they lost. Why? Because of Binnington. Seeing him lose his cool was the funniest thing since it makes sense for a declining goalie to completely lose it on the ice.

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