Blackhawks Fans Banned For Racist Taunts

The Chicago Blackhawks destroyed the Washington Capitals this past Saturday 7-1.  In the third period of the game, Capitals winger Devante Smith-Pelly was sitting in the penalty box, when four Blackhawks fans began taunting the winger. They began yelling “basketball, basketball, basketball” to Smith-Pelly who is black. Security was notified and the four fans were then escorted out of the building. The Blackhawks announce on Monday that these four fans have been banned from future home games. The Blackhawks also issued an apology to Smith-Pelly and to Capitals head coach Barry Trotz.

This is just despicable, it’s 2018 folks. This is totally unacceptable in not only this sport, but also society in general. The fact that you want to taunt someone based off the color of their skin is sad, and just makes you look like an absolute jackass. I’m all for taunting the other team trying to take up some Real Estate in their head, but I’m not going to make racist jokes. When I taunt the other team I’ll let them know that they are a failure and that they can’t make a free throw if their life depended on it, but not based off the way they look. I’m glad that the Blackhawks handled this situation promptly during the game and then banned them for the future. Those are the types of fans we don’t want in the NHL, and I hope we don’t have to deal with this again.

-John O’Connell
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