Bill Belichick Saying The Patriots Will Be Back Probably Makes Patriots Haters Want to Die

Something that puts the Patriots over anyone else in the NFL every single year is their will to win. When people don’t think they have the capability to go back to win another Super Bowl, or will it… again… they out-coach you and outplay you until you’re down and bleeding. And in the middle of the Super Bowl celebrations on the field in Super Bowl 53, Bill Belichick told Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, “We’ll be back, too”.

There are so many videos being passed around since Sunday night, especially since the mic’d up videos have started making the rounds which are no way in hell safe for work. But there is no better video to me that shows why this team has been so dominant over the past 18 years than this one.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady just won their SIXTH Super Bowl together since the 2001 season. Do they look bored of it? No. I honestly don’t even know if I’ve seen Belichick as happy as he was after Tom Brady took that final knee.

The Patriots are constantly looking towards the future and always getting ready for the next challenge. The fact that Bill is telling Brady and Jules on the field that they’ll be back, when Tom’s going to be 42 next season is ASININE.

And here’s the thing. Is there anyone who doesn’t believe him? Is there anyone that can say with 100% certainty that the Patriots won’t be back in the Super Bowl next February? I don’t know if this is true but I heard Tom Brady’s already got a clock on his home gym’s wall counting down to Super Bowl 54.

Hearing this from Bill Belichick needs to make the rest of the NFL and the fanbase SICK. This guy thinks that they aren’t done? You know there will be an overhaul this offseason to prep for years to come. With the way Brady looked to end the year, I’m completely on board with him playing until he’s 45 which means you need to start stacking the deck now like you did to start the 2017 season.

Bill Belichick is never satisfied and that’s what makes him the greatest of all-time. He’s never done winning. He’s never done preparing. He’s never done looking ahead to the next Super Bowl.

Man, should I start inviting by buddies over for my Patriots Super Bowl 54 party now or should I wait until January.

Bill Belichick will forever be a GOD.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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