Bill Belichick Making the Patriots Practice Today is Why He’s the Greatest Coach of All Time

The mere fact that Bill Belichick even thought of having practice outside today is the exact reason why the Patriots dynasty has been such a force since the early 2000’s. They’re calling today’s storm a bomb-cyclone for crying out loud. I have no idea what that means exactly, but anything with the word bomb in it can’t be great. Bill Belichick was prepared to have practice in the middle of a bomb. He’s such a football guy it hurts.

Now I know he ultimately elected to move practice inside (the more logical idea), but still. Bill Belichick was totally set on having practice in the middle of a god damn blizzard. He is a maniac, and I love it.

Any sane human being would have just canceled practice for the day, especially on a bye week. But nope, not Billy B. As a wise man once said after winning his 10th Super Bowl:

P.S., this is the same guy that was spotted wearing shorts and a t-shirt last Sunday when the temperature was literally 10 degrees during the Patriots vs. Jets game.

There was no way he was canceling. He doesn’t feel the cold.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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