Bill Belichick Can Barely Contain Smile During Patriots Win Over Jets

Last night was a train wreck for the Jets.  All three areas of the game were just bad.  However; Jets head coach Adam Gase did cause one of the most rare sights in sports.  A Bill Belichick smile.

In the fourth quarter of the Patriots 33-0 win last night they were faced with a rather short punt.  Trying to get his punter a little more room, the Patriots intentionally delay the game.  This isn’t out of the ordinary to see as it gives punters five extra yards to try and pin a team deep.  However; being down by a lot at that point, Adam Gase didn’t appreciate that the Patriots were still trying to play smart football.

Somewhat surprisingly, Adam Gase declines the penalty.  So Belichick has Brandon Bolden jump early to get the five yards.  Again, Gase declines the penalty.  At this point, the rarest moment of all happens.  Belichick can barely hold back his smile.

Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland see this happening and they start laughing along.  Unfortunately, this was one of the lone highlights of the second half.  But Bill Belichick once again showed a loophole in the NFL system.  After the game Belichick said:

“We were able to run a quite a bit of time off the clock without really having to do anything. It’s a loophole that’ll be closed and probably should be closed. But right now, it’s open.”

Safe to assume Bill could’ve been smiling because he knew another rule while someone else didn’t.  The “Evil Hoodie” strikes again NFL.


-Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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