Big Sexy Wants to Pitch Again

Bartolo Colon last threw a Major League pitch in September, 2018. The 46 year old known as Big Sexy has no plans of retiring anytime soon. Colon said earlier this week that we wants to pitch in the Majors again and if he had the choice, he would like to pitch for the Mets.

Career so far

Big Bart made his Major League debut for the Cleveland Indians in 1997. There is a very short list of active players across professional sports that made their debut in the 90s. Other members of that list include Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, and Adam Vinatieri. Colon has pitched for 11 different franchises, including the Montreal Expos. He won the American League Cy Young Award in 2005 while pitching for the Angels. Over the course of his 21 seasons, he has gone 247-188 with a 4.12 ERA.

Headlining Moment

Apart from his Cy Young season, the most memorable moment of Big Sexy’s career was when he hit his first career home run.

It was an early May day in San Diego and Bartolo steps into the batters box against James Shields. After spending the majority of his career in the American League, it is safe to say Bart is the not the greatest hitter in the world. But that all changed in one pitch. Colon got a hold of a Shields fastball and went on to put it just over the wall in left field. The dugout emptied into the tunnel so they could give the traditional silent treatment for a player’s first ever home run. The Mets have a tendency to set records in terms of age and home runs. Julio Franco became the oldest player to ever homer in a game while playing for the Mets. In addition, this Bartolo home run meant that he became the oldest player in Major League history to hit is first ever home run.

Final Thoughts

Bartolo coming back would make a great story. Has his career has gone on, he has learned to master location and movement of his pitches. As a pitcher who throws almost exclusively fastballs, he is no longer the flame thrower he was when he debuted. His pitches are never straight and he can put the ball wherever he wants. The Mets need arms and his presence would certainly be welcomed among the fanbase. Mets fans love Big Sexy and Big Sexy loves Mets fans. Make it happen Brodie, bring Bart home.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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