Big Issue With The Colin Kaepernick Rally Soon To Be Going On At NFL HQ


I’m a stickler for this stuff, man. I mean come on, you’re holding a rally and you screw something up this glaring to any reader? Or for any reader who actually knows what I’m talking about right off of the bat.

First I will say, I don’t care about this protest. I mean, what’s it going to do? Raise awareness? No. We already know what’s going on with Kap. It’s all over social media and news outlets already. Is it going to give him a better shot at being signed? Actually, it’ll probably hurt him more because as I said last night in my Kaepernick blog, part of the reason I think he is unsigned because of the circus of distractions it will cause.

So we gather up in front of NFL HQ, his potential employers, and rally for his employment. I’m sure every head coach and GM who is trying to build a winning football team, and assure everyone is focused, will love to bring in a guy surrounded by media attention… And the backup QB nonetheless.

BUT my issue with the rally. Seriously guys? You’re standing so strong behind a man who is fighting for what you believe in… AND YOU CAN’T SPELL HIS NAME RIGHT ON THE FLYER!? I mean come on now. If you’re going to fight for a cause PLEASE spell his name right. I don’t even care if you miss a comma or a period, but his name? The only reason I noticed was because last night when I was writing about him I quadruple checked the spelling of his name.

Yeah, it isn’t easy to spell but regardless that’s what Google’s for.

But hey, do your thing, just spell check for me. I’m all for disturbing Roger Goodell’s work day. Slime.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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