Big Brother Blog Week 3: Scottie’s HOH

We’re into week 3 now which means that these guys are all legit comfortable and personalities are really coming out.

First of all, big week for Scottie to make a name for himself. Through the first two weeks, he was just floating by as the weak nerd that really didn’t have an alliance to call home. There’s Level 6 which is clearly built out of the jocks and the hot girls in the house. The classic, “We’re going to run this house start to finish and there’s no way the other side can take us down”. And then there’s the other side, “F.O.U.T.E.E”. Hands down the most garbage name of all-time for an alliance.

So let’s backtrack to the Swaggy C eviction last Thursday night. Last week’s BB blog came out on Thursday kind of introducing this whole thing so I never really got to react to it. And, I just want to say that I want these blogs out every Friday, but listen, I’m a busy man. Just get ready for it to be Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I’m sorry. BUT, back to Swaggy C.

First of all, Kaitlyn, you STINK. If you read last week’s blog, you know I hate this girl. She is the most obnoxious, self-centered “I want to help people for a career” person I’ve ever seen in my life. We get it, spirituality. Jesus Christ just puke in my mouth already and tell me I need it to regain my electrolytes. She’s been the WORST.

So she throws up Swaggy, balls her eyes out while doing it and doesn’t realize she made the worst mistake of her life so far in this game.

Your group had the God damn power, girl. The clearly powerful other side of the house would be gunning for Swaggy the second they got the power. So instead of keeping that main target in your group, protecting your ass, you did their dirty work for them. If Swaggy got the power he was going after Level 6, not you. And if Level 6 got power, they’d go after Swaggy essentially guaranteeing you safety for the week. But NOW we’re sitting in a spot where you remove that target yourself, run your mouth, and now you’re clearly the most hated person in the house. Sick game move.

So they blindside Swaggy and he’s gone. And Scottie wearing the Swaggy C shirt WHILE simultaneously voting him out is a killer move. But you know, if you ask Brett and Winston, Scottie’s spineless. HA! You idiots! You got, got!

Scottie Wins HOH

So instantly when Scottie takes this game over Rachel, you know it’s going to be a big week. And like I said earlier, it’s because at that point in the game he really didn’t have anyone on his side. Of course, it was going to be a week to wreak havoc after the house voted out Steve in week 1 who was his boy.

So instantly Scottie starts making moves. He made it clear early on in the episode that he was throwing up Winston and Brett because they are both some of the strongest competitors. And you know why I loved this week? There was no BS, back and forth discussion. “Awhhh should I do this. No no, I can’t do this. What if they get mad at me?” Scottie decided what he wanted to do, and he took his shot knowing the possible repercussions. And guess what? Scottie sacked up and went after The Bros.

He throws them up and instantly I’m a Scottie fan. Initially, I thought I was going to be a big Winston guy. The good ol’ boy from Kentucky who seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. But God damn was this guy boring as all hell and he and Brett, like STOP. We get it guys, you both have muscles and love each other. Guess who doesn’t care?

Winston goes up to Scottie’s HOH room and loses his mind. Tells him that he will be the next target like he backstabbed him. Hey uh, Winston, did Scottie ever pledge allegiance to you? No? Oh okay, so it makes sense that you would react like that. Please.

And Brett, having a brain, doesn’t call him out directly BUT he does talk a ton of crap in the diary room. Which, fine. But they both just keep on calling him spineless while the guy is midway through making a significant game move. It’s still early enough where he could just take someone minor out that no one would really be rattled about. JC, maybe? But nope, he takes his shot at The Bros.

Scottie Wins POV

This right here shows that Scottie is a competitor not only mentally, but physically. It was coming down the wire and he started spinning his ass off.

Brett and Winston needed this competition in any hopes that The Bros could still “run the house” and Scottie decided that he wanted full control of the game.

The campaigning begins and Winston and Brett try to talk Scottie into backing out of his original plan. Please, did anybody believe that this was even a thought in his mind even with those Big Brother tricks showing the little clips of Scottie “Thinking things over?” No.

So remember that time that I said Kaitlyn removing Swaggy from the game just makes her the number one target of the other side? Well, Brett and Winston head up to Scottie and make that pitch. Put Kaitlyn up. To sum things up, you want to put her up because she sucks and no one likes her.

Well, Kaitlyn has a “vision” or whatever the hell she thinks she has, goes up to Scottie’s room and confirms her vision. And then Kaitlyn, wait for it, makes herself an even BIGGER target by snapping on Brett in front of the entire house.

The Eviction

Level 6 had to make the choice and they high key made the right one. At this point in the game, you need to keep Brett. Not because he’s a charming, handsome man. But because if you keep Brett, the number one target is clearly him.

This SOB ends up staying on a final vote of 7-6 and Winston goes home. I am JACKED UP to see how the house reacts after Brett clearly makes fun of Kaitlyn for her “visions” at the POV meeting and when he tried to pin the votes on Rockstar. Which no one bought, right? I’m not the biggest Brett guy but that was laugh out loud funny.

Major week by Scottie just game wise. He cemented himself as a competitor but I don’t think enough as to where he’s going to end up being an immediate target. Hell, someone will probably try and nab him up into their alliance.

So here’s the thing about this upcoming week. Sam still has that trending power where she could choose to give someone the opportunity to battle back into the house. Because it’s Big Brother, I’m still not fully convinced that she didn’t use it on Winston and that we’re going to learn that on Sunday.

BUT if she doesn’t and I’m wrong, that means this person no matter what because it’s the fourth week, they will automatically get a chance to battle back. If I’m Sam, I would have done the same thing and held onto it. Worst case scenario, if she used it last week and people know that she could become a target and if she does and gets voted out the following week, she wouldn’t get a chance to save herself.

Alright, let’s roll week 4.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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