Best Bet, Avoid Brooklyn.

The Boston Celtics have officially clinched… a spot in the play in game. The Celtics will now have two chances to play their way into the 2021 NBA Playoffs and their potential first round match up, the Brooklyn Nets. The Celtics were not supposed to see Brooklyn until deep into the playoffs. However, with poor play all season long, this is the results of this year’s Celtic team.

Now what? You can definitely say the season is over and yes, I am ready to as a Celtic fan to get this thing to the off-season. However, what is the best situation for this team to at least give us some sort of hope during these playoffs. It is simple, lose the first game and take your chances in the second play in game to claim the 8th seed.

The Philadelphia 76ers just clinched the first overall seed in the Eastern Conference and yes, they are much more improved this season under head coach, Doc Rivers, I will still like my chances over them than the Brooklyn Nets. The chances are extremely low but you have absolutely no chance against that Nets team.

The Celtics have disappointed us all season long and the worst part about it, is fans were looking forward to this season. This team has been to the Eastern Conference three out of the last four seasons but they could just not get over that hump. Expectations were high going into this season but the Celtics just couldn’t live it up to them.

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-Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)


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