Benjamin Watson Faces Four Game Suspension For PED’s

The Patriots needed to bolster up their tight end depth after the retirement of Rob Gronkowski. That’s why they went out and acquired old friend Benjamin Watson to help out. But, it doesn’t look like Watson will be in the huddle come week 1.

Watson came right out and admitted he made a mistake. That takes a lot to admit right there. Now obviously, does this leave the Patriots with a bit of a hole to start the season? Yes. But, this type of situation hasn’t stopped the Patriots in the past.

In Conclusion

I’m not worried about this at all. Watson made a mistake and now, he’ll pay the price (most likely) with a four game suspension to start the season. Worse has happened to the Patriots, with Brady in 2016 and Edelman in 2018 both serving four game suspensions. Now, they’ll just continue to do things “The Patriot Way” and roll through the regular season and into the playoffs, once again. Happy Memorial Day to all and be safe!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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