Beginning Of The End for the Belichick Era?

Just when we all thought there was enough controversy surrounding the Patriots, Tuesday night rolled around. We learned that Josh McDaniels reneged on his choice to become the head coach of the Colts and decided to stay with the Pats as the offensive coordinator. He made this decision roughly 24 hours before he was going to have his first press conference as the Colts head coach. The Colts had even made the official announcement earlier that day. McDaniels literally pulled out of the job at the last second.

I am extremely happy that Joshy Football (yes we are making this a thing) is back with the Patriots. Joshy Football + Tom Terrific = the scariest offense in the NFL. Tom Brady is getting to the end of his career, so having to adjust to some other offensive coordinator could have been a big pain in the ass. I think we can all agree in saying that the offense wasn’t the reason the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl. With Joshy back our offense will continue on being the dominant force that it was last year, but it raises the question why did he give up a head coaching job.

Joshy Football had a chance to be the man in charge in Indy, so why give it up to continue being an offensive coordinator? The reasons we have heard were that Kraft sweetened the pot, and also that Josh didn’t want to have his family have to relocate once again. Josh said that staying back in New England gave him long time security for him and his family, which is something you don’t get very often in the industry.

Let’s also be realistic here though, the idea of being the next in line after Bill retires must have been mentioned. Unfortunately Bill’s contract details are not public knowledge so we do not know when his contract is up, we only know he is locked in for the 2018 season. This could mean that Bill might retire after next year, and if he did who would have taken over? This would be the best case scenario for Joshy Football to become the heir to Bill, and learn as much as he can while coaching under him. It was even mentioned that “Belichick told McDaniels that he would spend more time with him on the inner workings of the Patriots, including roster construction and salary-cap management, which was viewed as “extremely valuable” to McDaniels.”

If this is the truth then it seems like Bill could be gearing up for retirement. Bill letting someone else in on the inner workings when he’s been so tight lipped in the past makes me believe he understands the end is coming. It might not be this year, or even next year, but the Belichick era is close to being over. The hoodie will help give rise to Joshy Football and as a Pats fan you should be excited, otherwise #yousilly

Written By: John O’Connell

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