Basketball is BACK BABY!

Mark this one in the books! The 2020-2021 season has begun! Last night we saw the NBA begin it’s season with 3 teams going toe to toe. We finally saw what the Nets can do when clicking on all cylinders.  Witha healthy Kevin Durant the Nets beat the Warriors 125-99. Across the US, The Lakers got their championship rings and 17th banner celebration. Sadly they could not hold off the Clippers as they fell 116-109. 

But what of our beloved Celtics

Its a New Year

Can this team make it deep into the finals?

Yeah, our Boston Celtics will start the year with the Milwaukee Bucks coming in to town.  With the upgrades the Bucks bring to the table in Jrue Holiday, this may be a tough matchup. Although Boston has done some upgrades themselves. While the C’s have lost Gordon Hayward to free agency, Ainge went along and got some much needed support. With the signings of Tristian Thompson and Jeff Teague, this team may have some strength to muster a good playoff push. However with Kemba Walker on the shelf at least until January, or even longer it puts the C’s at a bit of a disadvantage. 

Would James Harden Be Helpful to the Celtics?

To say James Harden is not an elite talent is an understatement. Harden can score, control the ball, and do it all.  Question is, would he be a proper fit within the Celtics rotation? All points would say yes, and he would be a great 1-2 punch with Jayson Tatum.  What’s the issue then? Thats easy. Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, 2 draft picks, and possibly another player to be named. This is of course what I’m hearing, and that’s a lot to ask for one man’s services who couldn’t get a championship in Houston. And Harden has been surrounded by amazing talent while with the Rockets. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t have a ring. 

Even so, adding Harden would weaken what Ainge has built and could hurt the team chemistry. Yeah, I say chemistry because every team needs it. If you wanna say that NBA teams just have their talent and no chemistry then you don’t understand the game at all. Yeah Kobe and Shaq hated each other. Yet their chemistry on the court with the team got them 3 championships with a finals trip within their last year. So YES, chemistry DOES make a difference. 

Toph’s Final Word

I know. You read through the Harden part and maybe wondered why I was a little defensive about chemistry. Here’s why. I was listening to sports radio in the car today on my way home, and the topic was about Harden coming to Boston for Jaylen Brown. One of the hosts seemed all for it, and wanted it to happen badly. I of course respect the decision, yet don’t agree with it. So I made the call and told them I had an opinion. What came next made me laugh. 

So, according to a jockey at this station, NBA players do not have chemistry. That’s the vibe I got, hence why I mentioned Kobe and Shaq. LeBron and Kyrie was mentioned as well however I remember their hatred happening after LeBron left Cleveland the 2nd time. 

3 championships in 8 years. You want to say chemistry doesn’t work?

All I know is that it don’t matter what you do off the court, or how you act with one another. Bottom line, there NEEDS to be chemistry. You think John Stockton and Karl Malone would have been the duo they were without it? How about how Shaq and Kobe were ON the court? Don’t tell me that chemistry doesn’t work in this game. It’s what got the Miami Heat to the finals last year. Yeah they lost, however they did get to the dance didn’t they? 

Bottom line is, like any sport out there, you need chemistry. And the Celtics have some good chemistry. Now what they do with it on this side of the court is up to them. 

Oh, and Jaylen Brown stays put! 


Toph  @angry_turnip80

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